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Cindy Waynant (pictured right), proprietor of Salon Soleil at 1B East Main Street in Thurmont now offers spray tanning, in addition to traditional tanning bed tanning.

Cindy is happy to offer the spray tan alternative. She said, “I’ve used a tanning bed all of my adult life with no ill effects, but it’s important to offer the spray tan alternative with all of the negative publicity that tanning beds get.”

Tanning beds are still recommended for psoriasis and eczema by dermatologists. They are also handy to fight the winter blues with light therapy.

Spray tans need to be maintained and will last over a week. Cindy offers three levels of spray tans: light, dark, and darker. Wedding parties who need a consistent tanned look for a group often use the spray tan option for quick event prep.

Cindy plans to add a massage therapist and nail technicians to her salon. If you have interest, please inquire for more information. Salon hours are subject to change depending on the season. Fall hours are Tuesday-Friday, 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.; Saturday, 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.; closed Sunday and Monday.

Email or call 301-271-4100 for more information.

Photo by Deb Abraham Spalding

The girls of local Girl Scout Troop 81178 are excited to be the first to benefit from the sale of official Girl Scout Merchandise (GSM) in Thurmont. Hillary Rothrock, troop co-leader and owner of J. Rothrock Outfitters, has been granted a contract with GSM to sell uniform necessities, journeys, fun accessories, and other official Girl Scout gear.

“This is a big win for our community,” said Rothrock. She explains that up until now, local girls had to travel to the Girl Scout Shop in Germantown or order online. The time and cost involved was deterring families from joining, because unless a leader was willing to source the uniform for the girls, busy parents were finding it difficult to get on board. “This way we can offer a one-stop-shop for girls to get into scouting. We have many amazing local troops, led by active leaders, for girls of all ages and interests, and now they can come into the shop and speak with someone who has been in the organization for five years and buy exactly what they need.”

J. Rothrock Outfitters is so dedicated that they have created a Scout Room within their shop that caters to the specific needs of children in scouts and/or who enjoy the great outdoors with their families. They take consignment, in addition to carrying a selection of new gear, so you never quite know what you might find. “It’s exciting when someone walks in looking for that one special item and we have it in.” said Rothrock. “We enjoy the service we provide our community.”

Have a scout or are interested in getting your family involved? You can stop in to J. Rothrock Outfitters at 3 East Main Street in Thurmont, on Thursday through Monday until 6:00 p.m., or give them a call at 301- 842-7231. They can also be found on Facebook or visit their website at www.


Brownie Girl Scouts from Troop 81178 (from left)Nova Rothrock, Paige-Marie Woods, Ily Rothrock, Alice Harrison & Maria Perella enjoy the Scout Room at J. Rothrock Outfitters in Thurmont.

Deb Abraham Spalding

Sharon Edmondson (pictured right) became a certified hypnotherapist in 2001. Around that time, while visiting Dr. John Hagemann at the Center of Life Chiropractic Center, he shared his vision of The Center of Life Holistic Center that has since come to be. Sharon’s hypnotherapy office is now open in the Holistic Center, located at 103 Park Lane in Thurmont.

She currently has a clinical certification in trans-personal hypnotherapy, where she engages mind, body, and spirit. To prepare for a session, Sharon works with each client to develop a plan to achieve goals during the therapy.

Formerly a food and beverage manager, turned event planner, Sharon just received an advanced hypnotherapy certification and will complete her master’s certificate to allow for a broader range of therapies. Therapies range from relief from addiction, to past life regression, smoking addiction, weight loss, pain relief, stress relief, ending bad habits, and a relief from obsessive compulsive tendencies. “These are all learned behaviors,” she explained, “We aren’t born with these behaviors. Hypnosis helps us to allow a healthy behavior to replace the harmful behavior.”

When hypnotized, a person simply achieves a very deep level of relaxation with a focused intent. It is not a trance. You are always in control with hypnosis. You can always come out of the relaxed state. A hypnotherapist gives positive suggestions to implement the change. Sometimes it takes a few sessions to interrupt a behavior. You need to reinforce the suggestions to make them stick.

Sharon, herself, was a patient of hypnosis for her smoking addiction. It took about three sessions to change the behavior, but she never went back. Hypnosis didn’t change the situation, it changed the way she reacted to the situation. She has never needed more hypnosis sessions for smoking. She said, “Once it takes, you’re good.”

Sharon recommends a package of three sessions. During the first session, the client is usually nervous and focused on what the hypnotherapist is saying, therefore not relaxed yet. But the second time, the client is more relaxed and focused on fixing the behavior. In the third session, the client reinforces what has been learned.

Many people can’t identify a specific problem like an obvious addiction. Be assured, you don’t have to know what’s wrong, just your direction. Together with Sharon, you can achieve even the ambiguous by identifying the end goal. Your subconscious mind wants what’s best for you. Hypnosis talks to your subconscience mind while the logical mind is in an altered relaxed state.

In comparison to the group weight-loss or smoking cessation, hypnotherapists you may see advertised at local hotels for group sessions, Sharon said, “Nine out of ten people in a group setting don’t get it. That leaves ninety out of a hundred thinking hypnotherapy will not work, that it’s a circus act.”

For clients under a doctor’s care, hypnosis can help to compliment a doctor’s regimen. Pain in our bodies tells us that something isn’t right. So, a client may say to Sharon, “Here’s what my doctor said…” and share the diagnosis so she can specifically set goals for relief. A ten-year-old girl with irritable bowel syndrome was her most significant success so far in her career.

There are package discounts, new customer discounts, and referral discounts. If you currently see Dr. John, or any of the massage therapists at Center of Life, you will receive a discount. “I want this to be affordable to many,” she explained. “I just love the holistic avenues. We can help so many.”

To contact Milestones Hypnosis, reference the ad on page 8, visit, call 240-674-3071, or email

Hoping to get some relief from a pain or injury? What about improving your cardiovascular health and reducing stress and anxiety? Maybe a good night’s rest is what you are trying to find. Floating is an increasingly popular form of therapy that can help. And, it’s much more exciting than going to the doctor’s office or standing in the prescription line.

The Time Out Float Center will be located at 224 N. Church Street in the Thurmont Plaza. The projected opening is January, and with the holidays coming up, owner Michael Blevins, wants folks to be in the know because he’s offering a pre-opening member sign-up special: a FREE float session. It’s as simple visiting the website and signing up.

Blevins grew up in Thurmont. A dog trainer, steam fitter, and paint welder by trade, he has shifted his life’s goals, as a result of a spiritual awakening that took place for him about eighteen years ago. Now, he has clear direction to help other people and has attended the Monroe Institute in Virginia for training. He has also completed an apprenticeship at the Chrystal Waters Float Spa in Tolle, Utah.

By opening the float center, he is creating a facility where his clients can work to achieve desired results in many different areas of their lives. You can simply lie back in the magical waters of the float pod and receive the wonderful healing properties of the Epson salts.

In addition to float therapy, Time Out Float Center will provide light journeys by Lucia no3 and the Pandora star. Both are hypnogogic light machines, capable of inducing altered states of consciousness. A special type of audio guidance called Hemispherical Synchronization® (Hemi-Sync for short), engineered and patent by the Monroe institute in Virginia, can be used for your light journey or your floating experience. It’s like meditation on steroids.

When someone chooses to go inside and do some work on themselves, for whatever reason, it helps to have some tools in your backpack that you can use. Floating and the light journey, combined with the audio guidance called Hemispherical Synchronization®, gives the user a brand new set of tools that they might not know exist. At that point, the possibilities are endless!

Michael is the only light therapy service center in the state of Maryland. There are only thirty-five light therapy providers in the United States.

The Center’s space will be fully renovated, with six tank rooms that have showers. A restroom is located outside of the room. The float takes place in a highly concentrated Epson Salt bath, in a big fiberglass tank that has a lid.

When you enter the Time Out Float Center, a receptionist logs you in, walks you to the room, and explains what to do during the float. You shower before you enter the tank, so you don’t get oils in the tank, and you shower when you get out of the tank, so you don’t leave with salt residue on you.

A chemical injection pump cleans the tank water between clients. Shampoo, conditioner, soap dispensers, and towels are provided. When finished in the tank room, you exit the room after dressing to free it up for the next person. A styling room is the next stop, where you can do your hair, etc.

The benefits of these therapies are many, including relaxation, meditation, relief from pain, faster recovery from injury, improved sleep and mood.

Everyone is a potential customer at the Float Center. The customer just has to have the intent to stop feeling bad and start feeling healthy and happy. Anything is possible. Start the healing process and feel the layers of stress fall away. It’s up to you. It’s always been up to you.

For more information, view their ad on the back cover, visit, email, or call 240-549-4019.

Michael Blevins is shown in front of his Time Out Float vehicle, equipped to transport wheelchair-bound individuals to give them access to float therapy services.

Thomas K. Lo, a doctor of Chiropractic, has just returned from completing the most advanced nutritional training module in Nutrition Response Testing®.

Nutrition Response Testing®, used by thousands of health practitioners of all types and specialties across the United States, helps osteopaths, medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and veterinarians to help their patients safely and naturally without the use of drugs or surgery. Dr. Lo is one of less than 600 health practitioners in the country who have graduated this very extensive Advanced Clinical Training program in Nutrition Response Testing®, conducted in Clearwater, Florida. He has studied the advanced breakthroughs in all aspects of nutritional healing, ranging from the in-depth analysis of specific deficiencies to successful continued patient care.

“I found the training to be invaluable as an upgrade of my clinical skills and abilities to help those who have had or are having physical difficulties, which may well have a nutrition-related cause,” Dr. Lo related. “With the advanced skills that I now have, difficulties experienced by my clients, such as Hypothyroid or Diabetes and Digestive disturbances are regularly improving and it is very gratifying,” he added. One of Dr. Lo’s patients, a sixty-eight-year-old woman remarked; “I was bothered by knee pain and tried various approaches, but nothing fully handled my condition until now. I have already seen improvements in just one week,” she concluded.

Nutrition Response Testing® was developed by Dr. Ulan, a chiropractor and certified clinical nutritionist after 25,000 hours of clinical experience in his highly successful practice in upstate New York. According to Dr. Freddie Ulan, “Nutrition Response Testing® is a non-invasive method of analyzing the body to determine the actual root causes of health conditions. It enables the practitioner to determine the nutritional deficiency or imbalance, so it can be corrected. And that pinpointed deficiency is usually at the root cause of the problem,” he stated. “Nutrition Response Testing® is quick, non-invasive, inexpensive, and painless,” he added.

Nutrition Response Testing® practitioners encourage their patients to make better food choices.

Dr. Lo: “Many people we see in our practice have eaten themselves into their current state of ill-health, to one degree or another. The deficiencies or imbalances lead to a breakdown in resistance or immunity and loss of the ability to cope with environmental stresses (chemical, bacterial, or otherwise). The good news is that it is possible to reverse the process, and my patients are very appreciative of the fact that we have a very effective system of monitoring their progress at each visit. By contrast, in medicine, the medical doctor makes a diagnosis and then uses drugs or surgery to attack or suppress the symptom, or perhaps, surgically removing the ‘offending’ organ or part. Through Nutrition Response Testing®, we determine the exact whole food supplements needed to supplement the patient’s diet in order to bring about improved health.”

Dr. Thomas K. Lo has been serving the Crofton/Bowie area for the past thirty-four years and has recently opened a Nutritional Healing Center in Frederick, located at 7310 Grove Road, Suite 107, Frederick, MD 21704.

In addition to Nutrition Response Testing®, Dr. Lo offers Instrument-assisted chiropractic adjustments, using the Activator Method, Cold Laser Therapy, Foot Bath Detoxification, and Allergy Elimination.

View the advertisement on page 45 for more information about changing your life from the inside out.

Deb Abraham Spalding

Sandy Willis has teamed up with Emmitsburg Family Barbershop’s owner Jaime Andrew to provide a full menu of spa services in Emmitsburg.

Jaime has been in business for twenty years in Emmitsburg as a master barber and recently renovated additional shop space to expand services. The Emmitsburg Family Barbershop and Day Spa now features the long-standing barbershop plus a reception area with nail services; a pedicure room; an event hair area; a serenity area; a private room for facials, full body massages, full-body waxing, eye lash extensions; and a reception area for event parties. Clients may bring their own beverages and snacks to enjoy while being pampered.

Sandy Willis is an experienced and certified nail technician, aesthetician, medical aesthetician, lash extension consultant, and make-up artist. She strives to stay current with the latest techniques and trends. Nail services offered from Lisa Talbert and Sandy range from pedicures and manicures, to sculpted full sets, acrylics, designs art, and gels.

Sandy explained, “I have known Jaime since we were children. Now, forty years later, we are working together and doing what we were meant to do — bring our talents to the locals at a small-town price and make everyone happy.”

Massage therapist, Loretta Strine offers deep tissue, sports, Swedish, Effleurage, Lymphatic, Prenatal, Trigger Point, and Aromatherapy massage. She said, “I love targeted massage. I love people having issues so I can help.”

Soon, hair services will expand to include hair extensions, vivid colors, event hair for all ages, straightening services, and more.

See the Emmitsburg Family Barbershop and Spa ad for Homecoming specials. Keep your eye on Facebook “Emmitsburg Family Barbershop” for specials and news. Don’t miss the spa’s open house in November where free seated massages, give-aways, and light refreshments will be offered. During the open house, beauty vendors will sell make-up, body products, skin care products, oils, purses, accessories, and more.

Pictured left to right are Jaime Andrew, Sandy Willis, Loretta Strine, and Lisa Talbert

It’s getting harder and harder to stop and smell the roses, as local florists seem to be disappearing. However, a new florist opened earlier this year in Thurmont, providing floral arrangements for all occasions.

Karen Myers (pictured right), owner of The Wedding Bouquet, said, “Like our name says, we primarily do wedding flowers, but we can also do flowers for any occasion, silk arrangements, and even corsages for dances.”

Myers has thirty years of experience in horticulture and floriculture. Now she works in her garage studio, creating works of art from live flowers.

“I like the creativity of arranging flowers,” expressed Myers. “I like being able to take flowers and arrange them in beautiful and different ways.”

Her customers appreciate her creativity, too.

In reviewing The Wedding Bouquet, Jennifer Knill wrote, “You will not be disappointed. A lot of care goes into everything ordered.”

Stacy Stackhouse wrote, “Loved it. Great job. Thanks so much, very accommodating and creative.”

The Wedding Bouquet offers delivery to all of Frederick County, although Myers will travel outside of the county for weddings. There’s only one other florist in the Thurmont-Emmitsburg-Sabillasville area, so The Wedding Bouquet gives people a choice.

As for buying your flowers online, Myers said, “When you purchase flowers online, more of your money is going to administrative costs, so you are getting a smaller arrangement for the same price.”

She also points out that if she gets an order by 4:00 p.m., she can offer next-day delivery.

“Holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day can get busy, though, so it’s better to order a couple of weeks in advance. It also helps you get a better price because the costs that I have to pay for flowers rises as it gets closer to the holidays.”

The Wedding Bouquet website is not up yet, but you can learn more about the business from their Facebook page. You can also reach Myers at 301-271-3854 or

View The Wedding Bouquet advertisement on page 29.

Lydia Spalding

Located in the Smithsburg area (near Waynesboro and Ringgold), amidst the sweeping fields of Rinehart’s Orchard, you’ll find a quiet farmhouse where Greta Gray of Critter Care and Grooming by Greta operates a pet spa for dog boarding and grooming. Do you need a pet-free vacation? Does your dog need a spa day? Greta can help!

Greta discovered her passion for taking care of animals four years ago, when she started working at Main Street Groomers, blow drying and grooming the animals. She recently turned her yard and back porch into her own “doggy spa,” where she is able to accommodate up to six or seven dogs at one time for boarding, and a solid rotation of dogs for grooming.

In addition to the grooming area, heated and air-conditioned sheds and fencing provide dog runs and comfortable shelter. Canine guests that are being boarded will enjoy playing in the yard, going on walks for exercise, and an occasional swim in a pool. Greta even accommodates dogs that don’t play well with others, with separate play yards and separate kennels.

Dogs don’t have to sign up to be boarded to get groomed, and vice-versa. Grooming canine clients are treated with a bath, a haircut or trim, a blow dry, an ear cleaning, and a pedicure (claw clipping). Don’t have a dog? No worries. Greta also cares for cats and other critters by doing pet checks in homes in the Waynesboro, Smithsburg, Emmitsburg, Sabillasville, Thurmont, Cascade, Fairfield, or Blue Ridge Summit areas. Owners can bring their canine kid over to Greta’s for doggie play-days while they work, or Greta can stop by to give a much-needed potty and play break in your home.

So, next time you are dreaming of your much-needed vacation, or your dog needs a bath, don’t hesitate to call Critter Care by Greta! Call 240-367-0035 and see her ad on page 32 for more information.

Greta Gray is shown with Ivy (owner Debbie Mouer), and her own Rottweilers Shay, Kumho.

James Rada, Jr.

Just Right Property Management opened a new office in Frederick on August 2, 2017. The new location is at 320 S. Jefferson Street.

“We were renting a space and decided that it was time for us to expand,” said owner Tony Little. “This was the better, more logical place for us to come.”

The new location has off-street parking, a conference room, and three offices. It also offers storage in the basement. It is a large expansion for Just Right, which was operating out of space the size of one of the new offices.

“We bought this building and renovated it,” Little said. “Today, we just want to invite people in and show it off.”

Just Right offers property management services tailored to fit what the property owner wants. It might be as little as collecting the rent on the property and finding tenants or as extensive as cutting grass, snow removal, and maintaining the property so that the property owner doesn’t have to be involved. They even handle evictions and court appearances if need be. The company can also help potential tenants find a place to rent.

“We’re as flexible as we need to be,” Little said.

Just Right manages more than seventy-five properties in Frederick, Montgomery, Washington, Carroll, and Adams counties. The new Frederick location is a central location for the business.

Little is from Emmitsburg. He is an Associate Broker in Maryland and licensed in Pennsylvania. His business partner, Jane Moore, is also an Associate Broker in Maryland and licensed in Pennsylvania. Both of them have decades of experience to help clients with whatever their real estate needs are.

They are also assisted by Property Manager Cinnamon Smith, who has been a licensed Realtor for nearly twenty years.

About two hundred local and county officials, realtors, and business associates were invited to the grand opening of the new office, which included a ribbon-cutting with city officials.

“We are all about local connections,” Little said. “We use local businesses for our needs when we can, and we support the community.”

For more information, visit the Just Right Property Management website at Owner Tony Little and Co-owner Jane Moore, along with Cinnamon Smith, full-time property manager, had their grand opening of their new office at 320 S. Jefferson Street on August 2, 2017. They would like to thank everyone who attended, with a special thanks to Mayor Randy McClement, Heather Gramm, and Kirby Delauter for making their day special.

Just Right Property has been successfully growing since 2012, managing properties from Frederick, to Washington County, Pennsylvania, and Montgomery Counties. They offer a variety of services to assist you in your personnel needs.

For further questions or for more information, please feel free to call Cinnamon at 301-673-2300, visit their website at, or email them at

Pictured from left are Ella Moore; Assistant Director of Economic Development Heather Gramm, Property Manager Cinnamon Smith, Owner Jane Moore, Mayor Randy McClement, Owner Tony Little, and Kate Moore.

Thurmont has instituted a new business award to recognize businesses that receive awards, or receive special recognitions that make Thurmont proud. The name of the award: You Make Thurmont Proud! The first two recipients of the “You Make Thurmont Proud” Award is Gateway Liquors and Thurmont Child Care Center, Inc.

Gateway Liquors received the “You Make Thurmont Proud” award for their accolade in the 2017 Frederick Magazine’s Best of the Best Reader’s Choice Awards, and was voted “Best Liquor Store in Frederick County!”

Thurmont Child Care Center, Inc. was presented the “You Make Thurmont Proud” Award, as they were voted one of the five awardees in the 2017 “Best Places To Work” in Frederick County. Thurmont Child Care Center, Inc. won the small business category. The Frederick County Best Places to Work Awards campaign is a county-wide program to increase quality of life opportunities for Frederick County employees. The awards are sponsored by Frederick County Work Force Services, the Frederick Chamber, Frederick County Office of Economic Development, and Thrive Frederick.








Pictured from left are Mayor John Kinnaird; Bill Buehrer; Wes Hamrick; and Maggie Doll, owner of Gateway Liquors.

Pictured from left are Mayor John Kinnaird; Bill Buehrer; Wes Hamrick; and Kathy Toomey, owner of Thurmont Child Care Center, Inc.

James Rada, Jr.

Morris Blake spent decades working in security with Maryland Department of Natural Resources, National Park Service, Francis Scott Key Mall, Frederick County, and Mount St. Mary’s; but, last year, he turned in his badge to become a hair stylist and has never been happier.

Blake, who turns fifty-seven this year, has lived in Thurmont all of his life.

“I live in the same house they brought me home from the hospital to,” Blake said.

He started working for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources as a ranger at Cunningham Falls when he was twenty-two years old.

One incident he remembers from this time is when he and his training officers approached a man near the dam, who was sitting on the pipe hole. They saw that he had weapons in his vehicle, and they convinced the man to come up from where he was sitting to talk to them.

The man was depressed, but cooperative. When the training officer asked if it would be all right to check the man’s weapons, the man reached into the vehicle, pulled out his shotgun, and racked it.

“They didn’t give up bulletproof vests, but I tell you, every day after that, I wore one,” recalled Blake.

Although this man proved to be harmless, Blake realized that he could easily have been shot, so he went and bought his own bulletproof vest to wear from then on.

After seven years with the State of Maryland, he moved across the road to become a ranger with the Mounted Horse Patrol at Catoctin Mountain Park. He enjoyed working with the horses, in particular, giving rides to handicapped children who came to the park. However, tightening budgets cost the park its two horses, Jimmy and Commander, who were sent to work at the St. Louis Arch National Park.

So Blake moved on to mall security at Francis Scott Key Mall. He found himself moving up quickly in rank (although his duties and pay remained the same). When he asked Director of Security Gary Wood about it, he was told that it was because he was reliable and could be trusted.

When Wood retired, Blake became the director and realized why his work ethic had been rewarded. The younger officers couldn’t be trusted to keep working without supervision. They would goof off or flirt with girls. This meant that Blake wound up working long hours to supervise them. “I became director of security, but the work was sun up to sun down, and I couldn’t take it any longer.”

Blake then served one year in security at the Mount before landing a job with Frederick County at Winchester Hall. Not too surprisingly, the politics of the place seeped down, even to his department, until he could no longer tolerate it. He left after ten years. “I gave up the badge and came to the clippers.”

He decided to become a hair stylist because he wanted a job that would allow him to work with the public and give back to them. He attended school to earn his license and became a barber and stylist at Here’s Clyde’s in Thurmont in March 2016.

He explained that three of the women at Here’s Clyde’s he grew up with, and he looks at all of them as if they were his sisters. He also enjoys seeing people walk into the salon that he hasn’t seen for years.

Besides working in security, he was an organist at the Grotto in Emmitsburg for ten years before becoming the music director at the Fort Detrick Post Chapel, which he has done for the past four years. While the security jobs have been work, the music work has been a labor of love.

Blake doesn’t regret any of the jobs he has done because he learned from all of them. Even when the jobs were wearing him down, he stayed happy for the most part. He continues to be happy with a short walk to and from his job and being able to spend time with friends, new and old.

Morris Blake is shown at Here’s Clyde’s in Thurmont, where he works as a  barber and hair stylist.

Deb Spalding

Husband and wife duo, Sharon and Russ Rowland of Woodsboro operate two glass businesses out of the former CVS store space in the Thurmont Plaza on North Church Street in Thurmont. Sharon operates Art In Glass and Russ operates Rowland Glass Studios. The couple moved the businesses into the space from Frederick in February 2017.

Sharon was a registered nurse when she took her first stained glass class in 1978, and she has been doing it ever since. By 1986, she had turned the hobby into a full-time career from her basement. The business was moved several times over the years, and when the economy shrunk in 2009, the business shrunk with it. Since then, the glass business has grown and they’ve adjusted.

Russ left a lawn care business when he met his wife and fell right into the glass business. He went to work for a custom glass company and ran that until 2014 when the opportunity to purchase the business was presented. Rowland Glass Studios was born.

Sharon’s Art in Glass business completes commissioned stained glass projects and various special artistic techniques for commercial and residential decorative glass use or for gallery pieces and jewelry.

Since 1998, Rowland Glass Studios has been creating elegant, custom-etched tempered, laminated and annealed architectural design in glass. The Rowlands do just about anything to decorate glass and mirrors from sand blasted printed film, efficiency film, security film, or reflective film applied for decoration as well as providing other benefits like reducing heat, adding security, and controlling light. Russ said, “Architectural glass has the power to transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary.” It’s also a popular alternative to tiles and laminates.

The artistic effects are applied to different types of glass, but it doesn’t interfere with integrity of the glass. New edge-lit signs introduce light from bottom or sides creating unique effects. The Rowlands recently completed a job where edge-lighting was used in conjunction with dichroic film—looks one color one way and another color the other way—to mimic the Northern Lights. Dichroic film was developed for NASA to reflect light and heat in space shuttles. The film was quickly recognized as a material that could be effectively used in glass.

Russ said, “We start with a sheet of clear glass and then sand blast it and put effects on it. We take it from the beginning to a finished product.”

Fused glass and glass blowing are Sharon’s passions. She just finished a class in a new three-dimensional technique that allows you to have glass without an opening. The technique was invented by a professor in Philadelphia.

Sharon gave a tour of the new shop, offices, and gallery showroom. In the showroom, she is displaying pieces for purchase that are cute and “kitschy” like bottle cheese boards, jewelry, paw prints, dishes, and paper weights.

You can view completed Rowland projects at the Majestic Theater in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the McGowan Center at Mount St. Mary’s University, in bus shelters in Arlington, Virginia, and in private residences throughout the region.

For more information about Art In Glass or Rowland Glass Studios, please visit their showroom, offices, and workshop in the Thurmont Plaza Shopping Center at 224 A West Church Street in Thurmont, call 240-568-9135, or visit

Pictured are Russ and Sharon Rowland, owners of Art In Glass and Rowland Glass Studio in Thurmont.

Town of Thurmont commissioners Wayne Hooper and Marty Burnes (far left), and Wes Hamrick and Bill Buehrer (far right) are pictured with Mayor John Kinnaird and Taylor Huffman (center) during the grand opening of her Long & Foster office at 3 W. Main Street in Thurmont.

Photo by Grace Eyler

Long & Foster Real Estate is pleased to announce that it opened a new office in Thurmont on May 20, 2017. Located at 3 W. Main Street, the office is led by Taylor Huffman and will be managed by Jackie Sellers, branch manager of the Frederick office.

“Long & Foster is committed to growing our presence in Maryland, and the opening of the Thurmont office allows us to increase our footprint and better serve home buyers and sellers throughout the area,” said Cindy Ariosa, senior regional vice president of Long & Foster Real Estate. “Additionally, having a leader like Taylor, who was raised in Thurmont, provides us with a unique understanding of the local market and the needs of its residents.”

Huffman, who has been a real estate agent for six years, will be joined at the office by three additional Long & Foster agents. She is a top-producing agent, a member of the Long & Foster Gold Team, and sold more than $8 million in real estate volume in 2016. In 2012, she was named Long & Foster Rookie of the Year. Huffman is a member of the Frederick County Association of Realtors.

“I’m thrilled to be launching this new Long & Foster office and leading a team of agents who will be supported with the best training, tools, and technology available,” Huffman said. “Long & Foster is a company that puts its agents and clients first, and I saw a need to bring the services the company offers to Thurmont and the surrounding area. We’re excited and ready to put our skills to work in the local community.”

The Thurmont office is a direct result of Long & Foster’s Elite Entrepreneur Platform, which allows agents to build their own business while aligning with the No. 1 private residential real estate company in the United States.

“Opening this new office aligns with Long & Foster’s plan to expand our ability to provide unparalleled customer service to our buyers and sellers,” said Gary Scott, president of Long & Foster Real Estate. “We have no doubt that the new Thurmont office will be the go-to resource when consumers in this area of Maryland are looking to make confident, well-informed buying and selling decisions.”

Huffman grew up on a 350-acre farm in Thurmont, which helped her cultivate a hard-work ethic from a young age. She has experience in all types of real estate, especially in the sale of land and farms, and she is a member of the Maryland Agricultural Commission, helping the state connect with farmers. In her spare time, Huffman works alongside her husband, Brandon, on their family farm, Lawyer’s Winterbrook Farm. For more information, visit

James Rada, Jr.

Emmitsburg now has a new place to visit where you can watch a magic show or buy a book. Magician Michael Cantori has opened Cantori’s Theatre of Magic at 24 West Main Street in Emmitsburg.

“We’re going to have a performing space for parlor magic shows, which are smaller shows for groups smaller than thirty people. People used to hold small shows in their parlors for their friends and acquaintances,” Cantori said. He believes that these smaller shows are more interactive.

Cantori envisions the store being an after-dinner destination for people eating at one of Emmitsburg’s restaurants, and also hopes to attract visitors from Gettysburg and Ski Liberty.

Cantori will also have a used bookstore sharing the space with the performance area. “It is a general-use bookstore with material that focuses on magic, philosophy, mythology, literature, and local interest,” he said.

In addition, Cantori will also offer instruction in magic and illusion, although the store will not be selling magic tricks. “We’ll have more of a focus on the art of magic and develop the needed skills sets to perform tricks.” He explained that he could do an hour show with just card tricks, and it is those sleight-of-hand skills that new magicians need to develop first as they learn to perform tricks.

The combination of magic theatre and used bookstore may seem unusual, but it is a combination that Cantori embodies. Not only is he a master illusionist, but he has owned used bookstores in the past. He sees the store as something that will anchor him more in the community so that he won’t have to travel as much for his performances.

“It is fulfilling to become an active part of the community,” expressed Cantori.

Store hours are limited right now. As the store finds its audience and the need for shows grow, so will the store hours.

You can find out more about the store at and you can call the store at 301-447-3400 to find out the current store hours.








Michael Cantori, owner of Cantori’s Theatre of Magic in Emmitsburg.

Photo by Deb Spalding