James Rada, Jr.

Taylor McCrea and Jean Churnesky in the Cracken Catering kitchen at the carry-out location in Blue Ridge Summit.

Photo by James Rada, Jr.

Taylor McCrea has worked in catering since he was 17. For nine years, he worked with a catering and convenience store in the Blue Ridge Summit area. He took a break from it for two years to work in heating and air conditioning, but his heart was still with the food industry.

“I had an idea that I wanted to have a food truck, and then I found one for sale locally,” he said.

He bought it and started selling meals from it in August 2022. A little over a year later, Cracken Catering opened. He is helped by Jean Churnesky, who has worked with him since the start. The business not only offers catering and food truck service, but it also has a carry-out business on Buchanan Trail East in Blue Ridge Summit.

They are starting to be seen regularly at local events, making customers happy. One thing customers like is the home-cooked food.

“A lot of our menu is made to order,” McCrea said.

Besides Cajun offerings, steak subs, and chicken, you can also find specials of the day on the menu, such as pot pie or the Cracken Cubano, which is grilled ham, Swiss cheese, dill pickles, and remoulade on a toasted French bread roll.

McCrea said he especially enjoys the catering side of the business. He can go to a customer’s event, set up on site, offer good food, and make the event less stressful and more enjoyable for his customers.

“That’s what gets me up in the morning,” he said.

The restaurant is located at 14085 Buchanan Trail East in Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania. Carry-out is available Thursday through Sunday, from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. You can check the daily specials on their Facebook page.

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