Alisha Yocum

Steve and Dawn Harbaugh, owners of Harbaugh Memorials.

Photo Courtesy of Dawn Harbaugh

Steve and Dawn Harbaugh, residents of Smithsburg, were driven to start a new business venture, Harbaugh Memorials, in September, based upon what they think is a need in the community.

Specializing in the sales and installation of high-quality granite memorials, the couple offers a diverse selection of headstone designs available in various granite colors. Beyond their commitment to craftsmanship, the Harbaughs say they are dedicated to simplifying the memorialization process for grieving families. Acknowledging the challenges of busy schedules, they hope to offer a flexible solution by doing custom design work that can be conveniently reviewed and approved via email. This approach accommodates individuals with busy schedules or those who may not be local to the area.

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