ABOUT The Catoctin Banner Newzine!

-Mailed directly to all Northern Frederick County households, and placed in high-traffic areas in Taneytown, Cascade, Keymar, Smithsburg, Woodsboro, Maryland and Fairfield, Blue Ridge Summit, and Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.
-Current distribution is 11,500 to 12,500 issues per month.
-The Catoctin Banner has been keeping our community informed since 1995!
-A project of E Plus Graphics, Printing, and Promotions!

HOW Does The Catoctin Banner Work?

Share Your Good News: Submit your good news and photos, and it may be included in a future issue of The Catoctin Banner Newzine ! If your information is TRULY non-commercial  in nature , we will happily share your good news (photos encouraged) about people, places, sports, community, and activities. Please submit the name of the person writing the article and the name of the person (s) taking photos. If there is an advertising element to your share, you will be invited to pay for an advertisement before the information will be shared . 

Business/Community News: It is a service of The Catoctin Banner to inform the community about news that impacts them. New businesses, town business, changing businesses, residents or natives, good clean fun, or business celebrations will be included for no charge. 

Event News: Events require a paid advertisement to be included in The Catoctin Banner except when submitted as a free listing in our Community Event Calendar (see Calendar Listings below for requirements). When using paid advertising, the ad comes with a detailed calendar listing and a write-up in the Around Town section. This combination works well to inform the community about your event. Please note that press releases to be published for an event may be shortened to fit the Around Town section and will only be included in the issue during the months they accompany a paid ad. 

Classified Ads: Advertise in our For Sale, For Rent, Wanted, Yard Sale, Help Wanted, etc. Classified sections for $10 for up to 200 characters. Classifieds with photos or that advertise services require a paid display ad. Display ads include the classified ad for free. 

Calendar Listings: Free calendar listings include: date, name of event, address of event, and time of event. Listings with more information require a paid display ad and will include a write-up in the Around Town section and a more detailed calendar listing that includes: date, name of event, address of event, time of event, cost of event, benefit entity, food/offerings/entertainment, contact phone, email, and/or website. 

Becoming a Columnist in The Catoctin BannerSometimes we receive requests from business owners or politicians to write columns or letters about their area of expertise. In doing so, please keep in mind that every inch of space in any publication costs money. The Catoctin Banner has been carefully crafted and monitored to maintain a good-news, informative, celebratory nature. Please email the publisher at news@thecatoctinbanner.com to submit your request. Requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

Support The Catoctin Banner NewzinePlease remember that The Catoctin Banner exists because of the paid advertisers who support it. It is greatly appreciated , but unnecessary, that businesses and organizations (who have been reported for free) become paid advertisers in The Catoctin Banner.