The following are the statuses of new businesses and development coming to Emmitsburg from the town planner’s report:

Federal Stone (Creamery Road, east side of U.S. 15) — A preconstruction meeting was held on October 18.

Village Liquors & Plaza Inn (Silo Hill Parkway) — A preconstruction meeting is pending.

Seton Village — The subdivision application has been received. The town is waiting for the forest conservation application.

Emmitsburg Distillery (East Emmitsburg Industrial Park II Lot 4) — The site plan and improvement plan applications have been received.

Development Pipeline/ Applicant Interest

Frailey Property Annexation — A meeting has taken place with a potential traffic engineer for this development of single-family homes/duplexes.

Emmit Ridge — Interest in developing 48 single-family homes.

Rodney McNair Property Annexation — Residential and Neighborhood Commercial potential zoning.

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