The following are the statuses of new businesses and development coming to Emmitsburg from the town planner’s report:

Federal Stone (Creamery Road, east side of US 15) — Under construction.

Seton Village — The applicant is seeking planning commission approval of a subdivision plat to convert two condominium units into two recorded lots. Town staff met with the applicant to discuss the forest conservation requirements.

Emmitsburg Distillery (East Emmitsburg Industrial Park II Lot 4) — Update plans have been received, and town staff is reviewing them.

Christ Community Church (Creamery Road) — The applicant has resubmitted site plan for review. A landscape plan stamped by licensed landscape architect and a final review of the lighting plan are still pending.

Mount St. Mary’s University E Wing Improvements (South Seton Avenue) — The planning commission conditionally approved the plan, and staff provided additional comments for the applicant to address. The applicant has yet to satisfy all the conditions of approval, particularly regarding the lighting plan.

St. Joseph Church (North Seton Avenue) — Applicant summited an improvement plant for the installation of a ramp that meets ADA standards. Staff is currently reviewing it.

Development Pipeline/Applicant Interest

Frailey Property Annexation — A potential developer is interested in developing the portion of the property within the town boundary before annexing and developing the rest of the property.

Emmit Ridge — Town Staff will meet with the DRB Group regarding a sketch plat.

Rodney McNair Property Annexation — Town staff is awaiting an annexation application.

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