The status of new businesses and development coming to Emmitsburg:

Federal Stone — (Creamery Road, east side of U.S. 15) Awaiting the submission of an updated site plan and improvement plans.

Ripleigh’s Creamery (W. Main Street) — Delayed due to funding, but ice cream truck operation starts in April.

Seton Village (South Seton Avenue) — The Daughters of Charity Ministries, Seton Village Property is seeking to formally re-plat the property, creating two lots for purposes related to ownership. 

Village Liquors & Plaza Inn (Silo Hill Parkway) — Owner is seeking to have an updated addition plat approved.

McDonald’s (Silo Hill Parkway) — Additional driveway construction is planned.

Mount St. Mary’s Seton Shrine E Wing (South Seton Avenue) — Renovations to accommodate nursing student clinical rotations is in the planning phase. Parking inquiry: Is the classification “commercial, business, technical, or trade school,” which will require one spot per three students?

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