Pastor Jon Greenstone, Dr. Holly Hoffman, and Phyllis Kelly are preparing for Team Kenya 2018, and looking for more persons to serve in Jesus’ name. The team will be the fourth installment in the Emmitsburg Council of Churches (ECC) effort to help a Christian school, The Pathfinder Academy, and surrounding communities in the Kimini/Kitale area of Western Kenya. The ECC, participating churches, and team members actively support this important mission.

The size of the team is limited to twelve persons. Anyone interested must contact Pr. Jon Greenstone by March 15, 2018, via telephone at 240-888-8861 or e-mail at


In 2006, members of the ECC discussed the possibility of developing an international connection to promote the spirit of Christian ecumenism. Then, in the fall of 2007, Joshua Machinga, from the Kiminini/Kitale area of western Kenya, came to visit Emmitsburg. Joshua gave an introduction to his work in teaching sustainable farming and in providing a good education for vulnerable children and orphans in the region. Joshua’s school is called Pathfinder Academy and his NGO in Kenya is known as Common Ground for Africa (CGA). Joshua described how electricity was available, but it was very expensive and not reliable in his area. Children often had no lighting with which to be able to study and do homework, and there was no refrigeration; HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Polio and other preventable diseases were common in Kenya and other nations of Africa. Joshua shared his belief that training in the foundations of the Christian Faith can help to develop mutual respect among Kenyans of differing churches and tribes. It was proposed that the ECC develop a mission service trip to go to Kenya and serve in the name of Christ. In 2008, the ECC began planning, co-organized by Pastor Jon of Elias Lutheran Church and Dr. Holly from Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Team Kenya 2009 was born.

Team Kenya 2009, 2011, and 2014

Team Kenya 2009, Team Kenya 2011, and Team Kenya 2014 completed numerous projects and works for the Pathfinder Academy and the Kimini/Kitale area of western Kenya. The first mission trip for Team Kenya in 2009 paid for and helped install a water pump and was a major project for that area. The people were making five trips a day to the river for unhealthy water. The following website provides the stories of how team members contributed to these missions:

Team Kenya 2018

Team Kenya 2018 is an excellent opportunity for Christian service. Pr. Jon, Dr. Holly, and Ms. Phyllis are veteran members, having participated in previous teams, and are available for any questions or guidance for potential new members. Team Kenya 2018 plans to travel and be on site from July 2-19, 2018. They need funds for travel, medical and dental clinic missions, Bible School, and Sustainable Agricultural Education, as well as an establishment of a Science Lab at the girls’ high school of the Pathfinder Academy. The good work of the Team Kenya 2018 is for the glory of God, and donations are always welcome.

Team Kenya’s first mission trip in 2009 paid for and helped install this water pump, a major project for that area. Now, making five trips a day to a river for unhealthy water is a thing of the past. Pastor Jon is pictured with Mama Saudra.

Phyllis Kelly, Team Kenya 2014, with Bible School Children.

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