Pictured (from left): Wesley Haines (11 months old) with mother, Briana Fowler: named Cutest Boy; Charlotte Berry (11 months old) with mother, Shelly Berry: named Prettiest Girl; Hayden Myers (11 months old) with mother, Laci Myers: named Chubbiest Baby.

The annual Mt. Tabor Church Big Picnic, Tractor Parade, and Baby Show was held on Saturday, August 12, at Mt. Tabor Park in Rocky Ridge, with lots of sunshine! A total of 32 babies—16 girls and 16 boys—participated in the show. We also had 32 tractors in the Tractor Parade! The youngest baby was two-month‐old Kinsley Davison, daughter of Jenna Fazenbaker from Chewsville, Maryland. There were no twins or triplets in this year’s Baby Show. Wesley Haines, 11-month-old son of Briana Fowler and Jonothyn Haines, traveled the farthest distance from El Paso, Texas! Babies placed in three categories: prettiest girl, cutest boy, and chubbiest baby, in five age categories, from 1 day to 24 months old.

There were only two babies in the one-day to three‐month‐old category. The prettiest girl was Kinsley Davison, two-month-old daughter of Jenna Fazenbaker from Chewsville. The cutest boy was Linden Webb, two-month‐old son of Andrea and Tom Webb from Woodsboro. There were four babies in the four- to six-month-old age category. The prettiest girl was Saylor Sterner, five-month-old daughter of Amber and Zack Sterner from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The cutest boy was Daelan McIlrath, five‐month‐old son of Patrick and Taylor McIlrath from Thurmont. The chubbiest baby was Tyler Domer, six-month-old son of Destiny and Hunter Domer from Rocky Ridge.

In the 7- to 12‐month‐old category, there were 10 babies. Charlotte Berry, 11‐month‐old daughter of Shelly and Tim Berry from Thurmont, was judged the prettiest girl. The cutest boy was Wesley Haines, 11‐month‐old son of Briana Fowler and Jonothyn Haines from El Paso, Texas. Hayden Myers, 11‐month‐old son of Laci and Steven Myers from Cascade, was named the chubbiest baby.

The 13- to 18‐month‐old category had the most registered babies, with 11. Trinity Grace Ruch, 17‐month‐old daughter of Robbie Ruch and Camelia Powell-Ruch from Emmitsburg, was judged the prettiest girl. The cutest boy was Malcolm Hahn from Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, 15‐month‐old son of Lara and Brian Hahn, Jr. The chubbiest baby was Cecilia Shorb, 15‐month‐old daughter of Aaron and Rebecca Shorb from Cascade.

In the 19- to 24‐month‐old category, there were five babies. Viella Rice, 23-month-old daughter of Heather Rice from Thurmont, was named the prettiest girl. Alexander Crawford, 20‐month‐old son of Haylee Wolfe from Fairfield, Pennsylvania, was named the cutest boy. The chubbiest baby was Josie Geiger, 23‐month‐old daughter of Chelsea and Donnie Geiger from Emmitsburg.

Please join them again next year on Saturday, August 10, at Mt. Tabor Park. Watch your local newspapers for more details, including registration time.

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