No doubt, many Emmitsburg residents and business owners have already noticed the community’s newest fire and rescue vehicle traversing area roadways while being used for driver/operator training in recent weeks. Solely due to wonderful ongoing community-wide support, the men and women of the Vigilant Hose Company (VHC) are proud to announce that a Dedication Ceremony for the new Tower 6 (pictured above) is scheduled for Monday evening, June 3, at 6:00 p.m.

Members of the public are welcome to join with VHC personnel and their families for a time-honored fire services tradition of a “Push-In” event, where all interested can together “push” the new vehicle into the stationhouse at 25 West Main Street.

Featured on the new Tower 6 is a unique graphic (pictured above) of a Pull-Tab with a Serial Number that represents the actual purchase price of the Tower, a Bingo Card, and a “6 of Hearts” playing card, symbolizing the three most community-supported fundraisers that made it possible for VHC to pay for Tower 6 outright upon delivery. Manufactured by Pierce Manufacturing of Appleton, Wisconsin, and purchased through Atlantic Emergency Services near Hagerstown, the new rig replaces the original Tower 6 originally placed in-service in 1995.

Tower 6 features include a 100’ aerial platform, an Enforcer Chassis, an Allision 4500 6-speed automatic transmission, a full complement of ground ladders, a stokes rescue basket, and dozens of specialty tools and accessories necessary for all manner of emergency calls.

The entire Emmitsburg community is encouraged to stop in to see the new vehicle, plus to also be on the lookout for it heading to and from emergency calls and training details.

Additional photos of the Tower 6 can be seen on the VHC website at and on VHC’s Facebook Page.

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