Deb Abraham Spalding

While traveling, Jeff Barber, owner of Playground Specialists, Inc. in Thurmont, encountered an ice and water dispensary kiosk called Twice The Ice. He thought the concept would fit perfectly on the slice of ground he owned at the former drive-through bank location on the corner of Apples Church Road and East Main Street in Thurmont.

 In September of 2019, the Twice The Ice kiosk opened for public vending at that location in Thurmont. It is an entirely self-contained vending unit that filters water four different times, including a cycle of reverse osmosis (a process that removes lead in the water). Upon demand, it dispenses the purified water into your container varying in size from a 20-ounce sports bottle (25¢), a gallon (50¢), three-gallons ($1.00), and five-gallon ($2.00) cooler.

It also uses that purified water to make and bag its own ice within the sanitary unit on demand. Your made-to-order ice bag (10- or 20-pound bags) slides down a shoot for easy pickup. Tie the bag, and you’re good to go! The ice is freshly cubed in the customary small cubed shape, just like other bagged ice.

If freshness isn’t enough to make you run to the Twice The Ice kiosk, the cost will be. Twice The Ice is about half the price of bagged ice and bottled water purchased elsewhere.

This kiosk serves the entire community! Little leaguers, in-home users, construction workers, and travelers will find value in this fresh, clean water option.

Step right up! Twice The Ice takes credit cards (for ice purchases only), coins, and cash.

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Jeff Barber uses the Twice The Ice kiosk to fill water dispensers for staff.

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