Blair Garrett

Reliability is essential for any business.

Consistency and honesty are characteristics that are fundamental in running a successful business.

For the better part of the past four decades, Bob Delphey at Delphey Construction has been providing just that for the residents of Thurmont.

“We’ve been doing this for over 45 years, ever since I was in my early 20s,” Delphey said. “The relationship we get with our customers is important to us. We love working for the people of Thurmont.”

Thurmont holds a special sentiment for Delphey. He built his business and his home there, so working day in and day out for Thurmont residents has engrained Delphey Construction as part of his community.

Local businesses without a commitment to doing things the right way don’t last, and Delphey’s team has been together long enough to make a lasting impact on its community.

“Right now, if you look at Thurmont, we’re the oldest legit home improvement contractors, with insurance, payroll, an office, and storage areas,” Delphey said.

Over his 45 years in business, Delphey has developed a tremendous skill set and work ethic to keep up with all the moving parts of running a successful business. Between ups and downs in the economy and the growing competitive home improvement market, Delphey has remained steady and committed to doing his best for his customers.

“There have been a lot of companies around here over the years that I thought would be a lot of competition,” Delphey said. “And next thing you know, they’re out of business.

Delphey and his two employees, Steve Hankey and Dale Boyer, provide a multitude of services. The team works on decks, siding, window installation, and just about any other home improvement service to turn your current home into your dream home. The neighbor-like customer service is just the cherry on top.

“We always try to do the best to our knowledge for our customers,” Delphey said. “I always hope that the first time we have a customer, they’ll be our customer for life.”

Perhaps the most appreciated part of the way Delphey Construction handles business is its upfront approach with its customers. “When you call us, you can depend on us,” Delphey said. “If we can’t do it, I can usually put you in touch with somebody who does.”

The work Delphey and his team have done over nearly half a century has given them a whole lot of tools to draw upon for future projects. “Steve and Dale are very meticulous,” Delphey said. “And when they’re done working, they want to be able to write their name on it and show they’re proud of doing it.”

Home improvement is a tough business. Companies need to have a vast repertoire of skills to fulfill the needs of the market. The best way to build that skill set is to do what your customers need and continue to learn and grow over a number of years.

That growth has kept Delphey construction around for a long time, and it continues to keep them going 45 years later. When all is said and done, Delphey can look back and be proud of the jobs that he and his team have created for the community of Thurmont. 

If you want a job done right, there are a lot of great people in the community. If you want a job done with excellent service and quality you can count on, you don’t have to look much further than Delphey Construction in Thurmont.

“We may not always be the cheapest price out there,” Delphey said. “But sometimes, if you go cheap, you pay twice.”

Bob Delphey of Delphey Construction.

Photo by Blair Garrett

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