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Volunteers with the Thurmont Alumni Association hosted the Thurmont High School (THS) Alumni Annual Banquet at the Thurmont Event Complex on June 8.

Alumni President Ron Pearcey (Class of ‘64) welcomed the crowd of 165. Carrie Silver led the Pledge of Allegiance. Frederick Children’s Choir, led by Carrie Silver, sang the “Star-Spangled Banner.” Ernest Rice (Class of ‘55) gave the invocation.

Fond alumni memories were shared with a big screen video, developed by Maxine Troxell (Class of ‘62), with photos from the good old days in school. 

Secretary Viola Noffsinger (Class of ’58) Minutes and Treasurer Becky Linton (Class of ’58). Reports were distributed to all.

Scholarships totaling $22,279 were awarded to this year’s scholars. Those receiving scholarships this year were:

From the Donald Lewis Community Impact Fund:

Meghan Gray (alumni Dorothy Jackson Ramsburg—‘52).

Vincent Reaver, III (alumni Darlene Shriner Wetzel—’67, Vincent, Jr. & Amber Reaver—‘74). 

Ella Jensen (Ray May—’59, Wayne May—’70, and Larry May—‘73).

Garrett Worth (alumni Fay Ann Christie Worth—‘67). 

From the Donald P. Dougherty Memorial Fund:

Willow Kint (alumni James Fuss—‘58). 

Stacey May (alumni Sheila (Sunday) May—’73, Larry May—‘73, Sandra (May) Schrock—                     ’69, Nancy (Green) Foley—’58, and Plummer Fraley—’57).

From the Thurmont High School Alumni Association:

Amy Elizabeth Eichelberger (alumni David Eichelberger—‘62 and John Eichelberger—’71).

Alexander Joseph Hauk (alumni Debra Jean (Rohrbaugh) Easterday—‘73). 

Samantha Lynn Orndorff (alumni Victor Morris Kelly—‘66, and Brenda (Kelly) Roberts—’70).

Abbey Shaffer (alumni Robert Shaffer—‘58).

Anniversary classes honored at this banquet were graduating classes: 1954, 1959, 1964, 1969, 1963, 1974. 

This year, the Alumni honored THS/CHS Band Members: Carol (Long) Beauchamp  (THS ’56), Jim Bittner (THS ’58), Eileen Hubbard Black (CHS ’71), Terry Black (CHS ’69), Juanita (Myers) Bowers (THS ’55), Sue (Eyler) Clabaugh (THS ’61),  Robert Frushour (CHS ’71), Rusty Hauver (THS ’65), George Henning (THS ’62), Denny Hoffman (THS ’62), Louise (Null) Humerick (THS ’55), Penny (Wood) Joseph (CHS ’69), Martha (Hubbard) Matthews (CHS ’69), Jo Ellen (McKissick) Miller (THS ’64), Jerry Lee Moser (THS ’62), Viola (Zentz) Noffsinger (THS ’58), Ernest Rice (THS ’55), Joan (Lawyer) Spalding (THS ’57), Joyce (Henning) Stambaugh (THS ’64), Connie (Heck) Testerman (THS ’57), Wayne Wireman (CHS ’69), Frank Valentine (THS ’51).

The oldest person was Robert Fox (Class of 1947). The furthest distance was Keith Culler (Class of 1972) from Gulfport, Florida. 

The items that were auctioned:  original brick from the school, donated by Ray May (‘59); Cat’s Meow’s by Dick Creager (’53); a book written by Terry Miller (‘57); Pewter Commemorative THS Plate, donated by Clarence Peiper (teacher).

Door prizes given, donated by various local businesses and organizations, was hosted by Carol Long.
The banquet was closed by President Ron Pearcey.

The Thurmont High School Alumni would like to thank the following donors of door prizes: Bollinger’s Restaurant, Carriage House Restaurant, Catoctin Mountain Orchard, Candyland Market, Fratellis New York Pizza, Gateway Flowers, Hillside Turkey Farm, Jubilee Grocery, Kountry Kitchen Restaurant, Los Amigos Mexican Restaurant, Maple Run Golf Club, Mountain Gate Restaurant, Mountain Memories, The Ott House, Rocky’s Pizza, Roy Rogers Restaurant, Shuff’s Meat Market, Trout’s, Weis Market, and The Wedding Bouquet by Karen Myers.

*Next year’s Thurmont High School Alumni Banquet will be held on June 7, 2025.

Scholarship Winners

Anniversary Classes

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