jEanne Angleberger,   

Shaklee Associate for a Healthier Life


As the year 2022 becomes history, I hope you have created a few healthy habits along the way. Making healthy changes can be hard but is certainly worth it!

The number one reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up instead of what they have to gain. 

You may recall the very first health article yours truly submitted to the Banner for publication. I quote, “What is more important than taking care of your health and body?” 

Today, I repeat the same question. It is never too late to begin taking care of your health. If people choose not to follow healthy guidelines, I have two simple questions for them: Where are you going to live? Who will take care of you?

In closing, my health articles were written to help people improve their health and overall wellness. Also, to create awareness to share with their health provider.

Today, Health Jeanne bids “Farewell” to her Banner readers. Time passes quickly. It’s hard to believe my debut with “The Health Jeanne” was August 2008.

As I wish healthiness to all my readers, I want to extend my appreciation for all of the support and kind words you have shared with me over the years. Just saying you enjoy reading the articles meant so much to me. Thank you.

May your family and loved ones reap the benefits of healthy habits today and always.


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