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jEanne Angleberger,

Do you ever wonder why many people in their 80’s and 90’s seem to be aging well? Are they doing something differently? I believe they are. Their generation is different from today’s. Perhaps their traditions and values play a key role in their lifestyles and their health. They grew up in a kinder time. They had time to listen. They talked to their friends about pleasant things. They gained wisdom from their elders. They had an understanding of how to live well. Life was not always easy. They learned to work through situations. Solutions were well thought out and implemented to fix problems. Relationships were developed over time. Couples had long marriages. I believe kindness and respect build the solid foundation of relationships.

Socializing is vitally important for good physical and mental health. Disconnection from others can lead to unhealthy lifestyles. According to The National Institute on Aging, research has shown a link between social isolation and loneliness to higher risks of high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, depression, cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s, and more.

One’s mental state can play a critical role in their overall health. It’s what you think that dictates your actions.

Even though life can present challenging and often painful situations, you can still think about helping others. Be aware of the needs of family, friends, and neighbors. You may discover a way to help them.

So, be proactive about your health. Do what you can to have a happy and healthy life. Learn from others. Listen. Stay connected. Never underestimate the effect that kindness has on your well being.

Jeanne Angleberger, Shaklee Associate for a Healthier Life

Keep Your Immune System Healthy

Why is it so crucial to keep your immune system healthy? How can you maintain healthy immunity?

Maintaining a healthy immune system helps to protect the body against infection and disease. It is truly the healing power from within. This complex network of cells is your front-line defense system against viruses, fungi, and bacteria. So, it is vital to our overall health that we keep our immune system healthy and strong.

There are many reasons why we can have a decline in immune system activity. Causes can be a poor diet, chronic stress, exposure to toxins in food and water, the environment, sleep deprivation, and having bad habits like smoking and using tobacco.

Even some household cleaners contain chemicals that compromise our health. There are some additives in our food we eat and also the air we breathe that all place a strain on the immune system. Stress is another factor that adversely affects our immune system.

Start by taking care of your immune system. This means getting the right nutrients, providing a healthy environment, and avoiding things that tend to depress immunity. Take an inventory of the factors that may be compromising your immune system. Consult your healthcare provider to discuss how you can correct and improve your resistance.

Shaklee Immunity Defend & Resist Complex can help stimulate the body’s natural resistance during seasonal changes when it needs that extra defense. Email me at for details.

Believing you can is the first step. Create a plan and execute it. Your new health will pay dividends well into the future.

jEanne Angleberger

Start the Day Off Right

A tasty and healthy breakfast fuels your body for the day. It is important to start your day on a healthy note. Having enough time to eat and enjoy your breakfast is a plus for everyone!

Today is the best time to share a Grab-’n’-Go breakfast! It’s Muffin-Pan Egg Bites, prepared in your kitchen and not at the closest fast-food restaurant!

You can meal-prep this one and stash it in the fridge or freezer! It is “Good Food Fast!” And, it’s easy!

Whisk 8 large eggs with 1/2 cup reduced-fat milk and 1/4 tsp. each of salt and pepper. Set aside.

Spray a 12-cup muffin pan with cooking spray. Divide 2/3 cup each of chopped vegetables and protein (like cooked meat, tofu, or beans), 6 tbsp. cheese, plus a small sprinkling of seasoning (ie. herbs, salsa, or sun-dried tomatoes) among the muffin cups. Pour egg mixture on top. Bake at 325 degrees until set and lightly browned (20-25 minutes).

Vegetable suggestions are broccoli, onion, carrots, roasted red peppers, spinach, chives, and black beans.

Cool completely. Refrigerate airtight for up to three days or freeze for up to a month.

To reheat, just wrap two bites in a paper towel and microwave on high for 30-60 seconds.

What a healthy way to start your day: protein and antioxidants.

Give yourself a breakfast with good food fast, prepared with nutrition and love in your very own kitchen.

Cold and Flu Season Upon Us

Winter seems to be the season for colds and flu viruses. The thought may have crossed your mind more than once: How can I boost my immune system?

There are many healthy ways in which you can strengthen your immune system, including supplements, exercise, and eating healthy.

There are several dietary supplements that can be effective at enhancing your immunity. One of my favorites is Black Elderberry. It is available in a syrup or packaged as a drink mix and add water. Black Elderberry contains vitamin C and zinc. Most health stores will have it or can be ordered online.

Physical exercise is also an important step to a healthy immune system. Exercise may help flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways, thus reducing your risk of contracting a cold, flu, or other illness.

Eating a nutritious diet is also a must. You can try adding a multivitamin and mineral supplement, which can create a boost to your immune system. FYI: Shaklee has four different formulas. They are based on clinical studies and packed with essential minerals, plus 100 percent daily value of all vitamins.

It makes sense to consume extra Vitamin C. You can accomplish this when eating lots of fruits, such as oranges, watermelon, grapefruit, and cantaloupe. Orange juice is a favorite, too.

Probably the best advice to avoid colds and flu viruses is to wash your hands frequently. Be sure to keep a distance from people who have a cold or some type of virus.

If you do not feel well, staying home will be a good decision for you and for everyone else. What is the sense of spreading what you have?

I hope these ideas are worth trying so you can have a healthy winter.

Remember to always consult with your health provider when making changes to your diet.

Feel free to email yours truly at with any comments or questions.

jEanne Angleberger

Start Your Health Plan

The holidays are over and the New Year is here! January is the time to create a plan for your health. Do you want a healthy lifestyle so that you can enjoy life? Remember, putting a healthy lifestyle as a priority is your choice. You can do this!

There are simple solutions to gaining a healthy body. First, you must pay attention to your health.

Look at what foods are on your plate. Your plate should be full of mostly colorful vegetables. Serving a multi-colored salad covers this. Different colors of vegetables and fruits provide different antioxidants. If you need help with a menu plan, a dietitian can assist with your health goals.

Building and retaining muscle is essential to your physical health. Besides, it is so beneficial to your overall health status. It is incredible how much better you think and feel when you exercise. As you age, you want to be flexible and retain strength, so you can live independently.

Be aware of unhealthy habits. It is a fact that smoking affects every organ in the body. So, if you’re a smoker, you must stop now. Consult with your healthcare provider to find a Smoking Cessation Program.

Always consult with your health provider before starting a new health program.

While you aim to get and keep your body in a healthy status, it is likely that you will see and feel a huge, positive difference. And you should!

Who doesn’t want a healthier and happier life?

Jeanne Angleberger

2019 Recap of Healthy Tips

Well, I hope 2019 had many highlights for your health. Committing to a healthier lifestyle is a choice! Let’s recap some of those choices yours truly shared throughout the year.

Vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet. They are low-calorie and provide a rich source of antioxidants. Aim to consume two to three cups daily. Variety is the key!

February is American Heart Month. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women. You can lower your risk by: quitting smoking; monitoring blood pressure and cholesterol; watching your weight; getting active and eating healthy.

Essential oils offer many health benefits. An aroma spray can revitalize the mind, body, and spirit.

Sprouted grain breads are packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber. These breads do not contain added sugar, preservatives, or artificial ingredients and may be easier to digest.

Boost your health in the summer time by eating a nutritious diet, wearing eye protection, and applying sunscreen.

Chia seeds are filled with fiber, antioxidants, and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. You may find them in your favorite muffins, energy bars, and breakfast cereals.

Celery is a low-calorie, nutritious, and antioxidant-rich vegetable and snack.

Cauliflower is high in vitamin C, K, and beta carotene. Serve it raw with your favorite hummus or steamed as a side dish. Read the top eight health benefits of cauliflower at

Remember, nutrition is for everyone. Take a healthy step now.  Your body and mind will thank you.

May you and your family be blessed with healthiness and happiness in 2020.

by Jeanne Angleberger, Shaklee Associate for a Healthier Life

Health Benefits of Cauliflower

Have you heard about the amazing health benefits of cauliflower? Yours truly has! This cruciferous vegetable can be cooked and served in so many delicious ways.

Cauliflower offers a range of nutrients that are advantageous to our health. One of its best nutritional bangs is its high amounts of Vitamin C, as well as K, potassium, thiamin, riboflavin, magnesium, and beta carotene. It is full of antioxidants and supports healthy digestion. Sulforaphane, another compound found in cauliflower, contains antimicrobial, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory properties. You can read more about the top health benefits of cauliflower online at

There are many ways to serve this white vegetable. The flavor is scrumptious no matter how you prepare it.

Here are a few ideas you can try: serve it raw with your favorite hummus or dip; serve it as a side dish or salad; mash cooked cauliflower is a new version of mashed potatoes; use cauliflower rice for pizza crust; add some to your favorite smoothie. You can search for delicious recipes online.

Look for pure white, firm heads of cauliflower with green leaves. To keep it fresh, yours truly cuts the flowers from the head as soon as it’s purchased. Wash thoroughly. Drain well. Store in an airtight container or zip plastic bag. It will keep up to seven days refrigerated.

Cauliflower is another vegetable you can add to any meal.

You’ll know it’s healthy and can be served in various ways.

Introduce this tasty veggie to your family today. Hopefully, they’ll be glad you did.

Celebrating the Vegetable, Celery

Perhaps celebrating celery may be a little excessive. It’s a reminder that we should remember this nutritious vegetable. Celery is a low-calorie vegetable. It is nutritious and anti-oxidant-rich.

Two medium celery stalks (one serving) has just 18 calories. Choose large, firm stalks that are pale to deeper green, with leafy ends. This vegetable contains a list of other vitamins, too. Celery contains an excellent source of antioxidants and beneficial enzymes, in addition to vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin K, vitamin C, folate, potassium, and vitamin B6.

Based on 2,000 calories/day, celery provides 40 percent of Vitamin K and 10 percent of Vitamin A, supporting eye health.

It also contains dietary fiber (1.6 grams per cup), which helps curb cravings because it absorbs water in the digestive tract, making you feel fuller longer.

Organic celery is best, to reduce exposure to contaminants like pesticides. Be sure to wash thoroughly, whether grown organically or non-organically.

To keep celery for a week, store unwashed stalks in airtight plastic bag. They’ll keep fresh until ready to use. Also, the leaves can be stored in dampened plastic bag for future seasoning or dried.

Yours truly uses celery to season soup, salads, stuffing, casseroles, and main dishes. Also, the leaves are a clever way to garnish a dish.

Celery is a nutritious snack. Try topping it with peanut butter or reduced-fat cream cheese, or dipping the stalks in a variety of sauces, including hummus, cheese sauce, salad dressing, vegetable dip, and yogurt.

Next time you’re looking for a healthy snacking vegetable, go for the celery, with its low calories and various nutrients; also, it’s available year-round  It’s a winner all the way!

Have You Tried Chia Seeds?

Have you ever tried chia seeds? They are tiny and packed with nutrition, and are becoming quite popular.

Chia seeds are tiny black seeds from the plant Salvia hispanica, which is related to the mint. Chia seeds date back to the Aztec and Mayans times and were found primarily in Mexico; they were prized for their ability to provide sustainable energy and used for medicinal and nutritional benefits. In the 1990s, American scientists took note of this nutritional powerhouse and now chia is grown in Argentina, Peru, Mexico and Bolivia and is now widely available. So, you may want to add this superfood to your healthy food list.

These seeds are filled with fiber, antioxidants, healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and more. You may find chia seeds in your favorite muffins, energy bars, and breakfast cereals.

My favorite bar is Greenwise Chocolate Cherry Flavored Chia Bars. This bar contains low sugar and sodium and contains 11 percent fiber. It is the perfect snack following an exercise class!

Chia seeds contain large amounts of essential fatty acids: 64 percent of omega-3 and 19 percent of omega-6. The omega-3 fatty acids help raise HDL cholesterol, or “good” cholesterol, which is a healthy factor.

There are different types of chia seeds: black, white, milled, and pre-hydrated. Its best to choose whole, organic ones to protect the omega-3s and vitamins. Also, they have a longer shelf life.

You can add chia seeds to cereals and smoothies. Or, add some to your baked goods to give them a healthy boost.

You can find chia seeds at the grocery store, as well as a health food store and online. Or, if you prefer, shop the aisle of nutritional snacks. You’ll likely find chia bars there.

Hoping you enjoy the mild-nut-like flavor of chia seeds. They are tiny and tasty, and they just may become your favorite, too!

by Jeanne Angleberger, Shaklee Associate for a Healthier Life

The Scoop on Sprouted Grain Bread

I recently learned that breads made with sprouted grains may be easier to digest, a good reason to serve sprouted grain bread instead of white.

Sprouted grain means that the grains have been allowed to sprout—to germinate—before being milled into flour. This process enriches the grain while increasing nutrient levels.

This type of bread is made from a variety of sprouted whole grains; some examples are wheat, millet, barley, spelt, and lentils. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber. We know high amounts of protein and fiber can help to increase fullness and sustain energy levels.

Another important reason to switch to sprouted grain bread is that this type of bread does not contain added sugar, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. It also may aid in weight loss and blood sugar control due to its lower carb content. Sprouted grain bread is a healthy alternative to white flour or whole grain flour bread.

Simply Nature is the brand we use. One slice has 70 calories; sodium is 95 milligrams; 1 gram sugar; 3 grams fiber; and 3 grams protein. And, it’s crunchy, toasted or plain.

If you are gluten intolerant, be sure to check the label. Not all whole sprouted grain bread is gluten-free.

So, if you’re a bread lover, try a sprouted whole grain bread.

Begin your mission on nutrition today!