jEanne Angleberger,   

Shaklee Associate for a Healthier Life

Do you find yourself eating differently around your family and your friends? Our food choices can be influenced by the company we share at the table. Studies have shown that we tend to eat more when we are with friends and family than when we eat alone. In addition, the quantity of food we eat usually increases as the number of people eating with us grows.

People in our social networks can influence what food we eat, both healthy and unhealthy.

Socially, we may be encouraged to eat what everyone is eating, even if regularly we might now choose to eat that category of food. This can occur more often than not when a group is having a meal together at a restaurant.

Furthermore, whether right or wrong, people eating “healthy” foods tend to be more positive than those who don’t and tend to feel better overall. So, can my healthy eating influence others to begin making better food choices? The answer is yes. Have healthy food choices at your house and when friends or family come over, offer them to your guests. Put out nutritious items to snack on, like low-fat dairy products, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Personally, I believe people want to be healthy. Being a positive influence on others provides an incentive. Therefore, it creates a desire to consider making healthy food choices.

The company we keep at the table can influence our food choices. Eating healthy is the best choice for us and can benefit us, both physically and mentally!

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