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McKenzie Forrest of Thurmont is only ten years old, but she is a veteran at showing animals. This was her second year showing rabbits at the Thurmont & Emmitsburg Community Show.

“I like rabbits because they’re nice and you get to hold them,” grinned McKenzie.

She also likes the competition of preparing the rabbits for the show and the hopes of winning a blue ribbon.

For sixty-one years, the Thurmont and Emmitsburg Community Show has been highlighting the role of agriculture in Northern Frederick County and spotlighting the talents of area residents. This year’s show was held at Catoctin High School on September 8-10. More than $13,000 in prizes was awarded to the hundreds of exhibitors.

The show started with the 42nd annual opening ceremony, where many volunteers from over thirty community organizations carried their flags in a procession to begin the ceremony.

Superintendent of Frederick County Public Schools Dr. Teresa Alban, was the guest speaker. She shared her honor for being invited to the show, “There’s always something about the show that inspires me. I value all of the traditions, but each year, something happens or someone says something that really resonates and connects with what I have to say.” She gave recognition to the many facets of community support that the Community Show inspires, referencing patriotism, honor, support, recognition, care, service, leadership, and education.

She concluded her speech by suggesting that the legacy shared from the past is inspiring the future in the Community Show. The legacy of the community can be exemplified at Catoctin High School, where the school has been named as the Maryland State Character Education School. Not only did they win it this year, but it was the fifth time Catoctin High School has received that recognition.

Stacie Brown Hobbs announced Catoctin’s FFA Ambassador, Stephanie Moreland. To conclude the opening ceremonies, the fiftieth anniversary of two community organizations were recognized: WTHU Radio Station and St. John’s Christian Preschool.

In the show ring, Connie Palmer was a judge for some of the categories. She comes up from Frederick each year to be a part of it and loves it.

“It’s a fantastic show,” Palmer said. “It’s one of the best in the State of Maryland.”

The weekend’s events featured livestock auctions, a petting zoo, music, pony rides, pet show, horseshoe pitching contest, log sawing contest, and more.

Russell Kaas used to exhibit products he grew in the community, and now his children are continuing the tradition and exhibiting their own items. He’s not sure that they will become farmers, but he said, “It gives them something to think about when they try to figure out what they want to do.” Kaas compares the Community Show to the Great Frederick Fair, but without the rides.

“We do have a fair atmosphere because it’s fun,” Rodman Myers said.

Myers expressed that he was pleased to see a lot of new faces in the crowds, moving around inside and outside of Catoctin High. He was also thrilled that new people continue to want to help as volunteers to make the Community Show great.

The Community Show is sponsored by the Thurmont Grange, Catoctin FFA Chapter, Catoctin Area FFA Alumni, Maryland Agricultural Fair Board, and the Maryland State Grange.

Community Show Champions and Reserve Champions
Fresh Fruits: Champion – Martha Hauver (Peaches), Reserve Champion – Robert Black (Crimson Apples); Fresh Vegetables: Champion – Richard Manahan (Watermelon), Reserve Champion – Jean Brown (Zucchini Squash); Home Products Display: Champion – Roxanna Lambert, Reserve Champion – Charlotte Dutton; Canned Fruit: Champion – Linda Franklin (Canned Peaches), Reserve Champion – Pamela Long (Dark Chocolate Cherry Dessert Topping); Canned Vegetables: Champion – Carolyn Hahn (Whole Green Beans), Reserve Champion – Dorothy Stanley (Tomato Sauce); Jellies & Preserves: Champion – Donald Stanley (Blackberry Jelly), Reserve Champion – Deborah Howd (Lavender); Pickles: Champion – Dawn Hobbs (Whole Beet Pickles), Reserve Champion – Deborah Howd (Pickle Relish); Meat (Canned): Champion – Ann Welty (Canned Mincemeat), Reserve Champion -Ann Welty (Canned Chicken); Home Cured Meats: Champion – Robert McAfee (Country Ham), Reserve Champion – Dale Hurley (Country Ham); Baked Products Cake: Champion – Dawn Hobbs (Chiffon Cake); Reserve Champion – Dawn Hobbs (Devils Food Cake), Honorable Mention Cake Burall Brothers Scholarship – Cheryl Lenhart (Chocolate Cake); Bread: Champion – Deborah Howd (Asiago Cheese), Reserve Champion – Bridgette Kinna (Pumpkin Muffins); Pie: Champion – Deborah Howd (French Apple Pie), Reserve Champion – Deborah Howd (Pecan Pie); Sugar Free: Champion – Joyce Kline (Diabetic Cake), Reserve Champion – Nancy Wine (Peanut Butter Diabetic Cookies); Gluten Free Baked Product: Champion – Stacey Smith (Cookies), Reserve Champion – Ann Welty (Cake).

Sewing: Champion – Melinda Cool (Women’s Evening Gown), Reserve Champion – Peggy Vandercruysen (Quilt); Flowers & Plants: Champion – Roxanna Lambert (Side Table Arrangement), Reserve Champion – Roxanna Lambert (Holiday Arrangement); Arts, Painting & Drawings: Champion – Pennie Keilholtz (Acrylic), Reserve Champion – Megan Dewees (Pastel Drawing); Crafts: Champion – Gene Long (Hand Crafted Wood Craft- Nanny Rocker), Reserve Champion) – Charlotte Dutton (Felting Cat); Photography: Champion – Deborah Howd (Color Photo Collage), Reserve Champion – Debbie Swing (Black & White Photo).

Corn: Champion – Sherry Ramage (Indian Corn), Reserve Champion – Robert McAfee (Hybrid Corn); Small Grain & Seeds: Champion – Matt Clark (Soybeans), Reserve Champion – Matt Clark (Wheat); Eggs: Champion – Laurie Atwell (Brown Eggs), Reserve Champion – Kathy Dobson (White Eggs); Nuts: Champion – Edward Hahn (Black Walnuts), Reserve Champion – Edward Hahn (English Walnuts).

Rabbit: Champion – Olivia Dutton (Breeding Rabbit and offspring – New Zealand), Reserve Champion – Laura Dutton (Breeding Rabbit and Offspring); Poultry: Champion – Hope Rice (Rooster), Reserve Champion – Jerry Seiss (Seven Hens); Dairy: Champion – Blaine Lenhart (Jersey – March Calf), Reserve Champion – Jonathan Hubbard (Brown Swiss Spring Calf); Dairy Goats: Champion – Laura Dutton – (Doe 3 years and under 5 years), Reserve Champion – Olivia Dutton (Doe 2 years and under 3 years); Hay: Champion – Jonathan Hubbard (Mixed Hay), Reserve Champion – Matthew Clark (Timothy Hay); Straw: Preston Clark (Wheat Straw), Reserve Champion – Daniel Myers (Barley Straw).

Junior Department: Champion – Madison Ott (Wall Hanging), Reserve Champion – Aiden Reese (Watermelon); Junior Department Baked Product: Champion – Sophia Ruby (Orange Chiffon Cake), Reserve Champion – Cora Coblentz (Pound Cakes); Youth Department: Champion – Abigail May (Model Homemade), Reserve Champion – Zoe Willard (Crochet Item); Youth Department Baked Product: Champion – Ray Martin (Hummingbird Cake), Reserve Champion – Charles Dougherty (Chocolate Cake); Beef: Champion – Austin Ridenour, Reserve Champion – Hayden Hahn; Sheep: Champion – Kaitlynn Neff, Reserve Champion – Caroline Clark; Swine: Champion – Logan Long, Reserve Champion – Wyatt Davis; Market Goat: Champion – Gavin Valentine, Reserve Champion – Katie Glass.

Decorated Animal Contest: Champion – Laura Dutton (Ketchup and French Fries – Goat), Reserve Champion Caroline Clark (Eat More Chicken – Sheep).

Pet Show: Champion – Mary Dal-Favero (Chinese Crested Dog), Reserve Champion – Stacy Flanigan (Aussie Dog).

Kiddie Pedal Tractor Pull: Champion – Cora Clabaugh; Reserve Champion – Desean Brown.

Community Show Pet Show Results
On Saturday, September 9, the Pet Show was held at Catoctin High School, sponsored by the Thurmont & Emmitsburg Community Show. Dave Harman served as chairman and was assisted by Patty Johnston.

Serving as a judge was Mary Ann Harbaugh of Thurmont. She and her late husband, Roscoe, owned Ross-Mar Australian Shepherds for twenty-seven years. They had numerous Best In Shows and the top twenty-one of the breed. Also serving as a judge was Stephanie Torres, an art teacher from Walkersville.

Participants received food coupons, courtesy of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and pet food, courtesy of Thurmont Feed Store.
To begin the show, Maxine Medaglia of Bark Busters gave a presentation on dog obedience.

The judges selected a Chinese Crested dog owned by Mary Dal-Favero of Thurmont as Grand Champion. She received a rosette ribbon and gift certificate donated by the Thurmont Feed Store.

They selected an Australian Shepherd, owned by Stacey Flanigan of Rocky Ridge, as Reserve Champion. She received a rosette ribbon and gift certificate, donated by Main Street Groomers.

Stephanie Moreland, the 2017-2018 Catoctin FFA Ambassador, presented ribbons to the winners listed as first, second, third, and honorable mention, respectively. Cat with Prettiest Eyes—Chelsea Dawson, Larry and Andrew Duble, Angie Swailes, Audrey Downs; Cat with Longest Whiskers—(tie) Larry and Andrew Duble, Angie Swailes, Audrey Downs; Cutest Cat—Larry and Andrew Duble, Chelsea Dawson, Angie Swailes, Audrey Downs; Best-Trained Pet—Rose Weedy, Val Kilby; Dog with Wiggliest Tail—Mary Dal-Favero, Ashley Robichaud, Amber Smith, Stacey Flanigan; Prettiest Dog (25 lbs. and under)—Mntana Herr, Rose Weedy, Kelly Schildt, Cole and Carly Hahn; Prettiest Dog (26 lbs. and over)—Stacey Flanigan, Sila and Christy Wahl, Abby Ewing, Leah Morgan; Best Costumed Pet—Cole and Carly Hahn, Montana Herr, Audrey Downs, Warren Schaefer; Pet with Most Spots—Peyton Davis, Abby Ewing, Kelsey Mathias; Largest Pet—Abby Ewing, Leah Morgan, Silas and Christy Wahl; Most Unusual Pet—Makenzie Lewis, Warren Shafer, Luanne Ewing; Smallest Pet—Makenzie Lewis, Montana Herr, Warren Schaefer, Cole and Carley Hahn.

Opening Ceremonies honored the fiftieth anniversary of WTHU Radio and St. John’s Christian Preschool. Pictured from left are: (front row) Tammy Tingley, Dr. Stacey Brown Hobbs, Wanda Mathias, Manah Beard, Stephanie Moreland, Ann Kruhm, Janice Gramms and Rachel Mosey; (second row) Dave Harman, Principal Quesada, Superintendent Dr. Teresa Alban, Bob Valentine, Rocky Birely, Rodman Myers, Kevin Bream, Gayle Spahr, Hollis Zimmerman, Dottie Valentine, Donna Betteridge, Amy Poffenberger, and Daniel Myers.

ESP Community Show table: Mya Harrington, Leila Casamassina, Tierney Burns, Jack Estep, Olivia Ecker, Mya Horman.

Carol Long won a first place ribbon in the Adult Photography category.

Auctioneer Josh Ruby is pictured with his son, Jameson, and his daughter, Sophia, with her Champion Cake.

Pet Show participants are shown with their pets.

Kiddie Tractor Pull: (Age 7-8) Kyle Stine; (Age 9-10) Grand Champion—Cora Coblentz; (Age 5-6) Reserve Champion—Desean Brown.

Horseshoe Contest: pictured are Jeff Powell, Ray Helsley, Gary Hoffmaster, John Holt, Richard Brown, Bernie Hobbs, Jim Shubert, Rick Willard, Dave Wivell, Johnny Burhman, Dick Glass, Dale Kaas, and Donnie Kaas (knealing).


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