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When you buy a pit beef, ham, pork, or turkey sandwich from the Thurmont Lions Club at Bell Hill Farm or devour one of the Emmitsburg Lions Club finger-licking delicious chicken BBQ dinners from the Activities Building on Creamery Road, where does the profit go? What do our two local Lions Clubs do with the profit and the donations that many of you kindly give when you purchase their food or participate in our other fundraisers?

If you have been to one of the local food events lately, you can see how many people are involved in pulling these events together. In addition to the purchase of the food, it still needs to be cooked, the event must be advertised with signs and ads, then people need to serve and collect payment for the results. When all is said and done, at least 16 Emmitsburg Lions are involved in each BBQ and 25 Thurmont Lions are involved in the pit beef/pork and chicken events.

While the profit from each individual sale is not huge—because they realize the impact of inflation on local residents—each purchase you make adds money to their activities funds. While they like to focus on using these profits to benefit the members of our local Thurmont and Emmitsburg communities, they also provide funds, through their dues, to the International Lions Club.

Lions Clubs work on the five global causes that are the focus of the International Lions Clubs: vision, diabetes, hunger, environment, and childhood cancer. Lions are serving a world in need. Lions International is the largest service club organization in the world, with more than 1.4 million members in 49,000 clubs, serving 200 countries and geographic areas, worldwide. Since our founding in 1917, they have been proving that where there’s a need, there’s a Lion.

The Emmitsburg Lions Club provides eyeglass exams and glasses to approximately 35-40 local residents each year. In addition, the club works with other local Lions clubs to conduct vision screening for preschool and school-age children. Last year, the club screened at least 500 children in the county. Children whose results show potential issues are referred to eye doctors for follow-up diagnosis and care. The Thurmont Lions Club provides similar services to local residents. 

Emmitsburg Lion Club President Dianne Walbrecker was asked to serve as Diabetes Awareness co-chair for District 22-W, which encompasses 75 clubs. She and her co-chair, Lion Tom Harney, raised close to $10,000 to support diabetes awareness efforts and to send Type I diabetic children to the Lions Camp Merrick in Nanjemoy, Maryland, and to Camp Charm City in Baltimore, which is located on the campus of Johns Hopkins University. Campers spend five days to one week at these camps. While there, they learn how to manage and live with their diabetes, rather than fearing or fighting it.

Both Lions Clubs provide support to their respective food banks. In addition to organizing bags to be purchased and then donated to the food banks, several Lions also work at the Thurmont and Emmitsburg food banks.

The Thurmont Lions Club spent years restoring the Trolley Trail, contributing to the environment, as well as the health of residents. Several Emmitsburg Lions have planted trees in environmentally sensitive local areas.

Kindness matters to Lions. Lion’s motto is “We Serve,” and Lions put that motto into action every day. They are caring men and women who come together to be the difference in their communities. Every day, every way, Lions are investing their time, talents, and resources in the communities where they live, work, and serve. Come join them! Contact the Emmitsburg Lions Club at (20+) Facebook or call Lion President Dianne at 301-676-1561. Contact the Thurmont Lions Club through its website at or contact Lion President Susan Favorite at 240-409-1747.

Chloe Ricasa

Emmitsburg recently marked a significant milestone with the 40th anniversary of its beloved Community Heritage Day, held on June 24 at the E. Eugene Myers Memorial Park. This event, which has become a cherished tradition for the community, took place on a beautiful, sunny day that defied the gloomy weather predictions. The Heritage Day celebrations brought the community closer together with an array of activities, delicious food, and live entertainment, highlighting the town’s rich history and vibrant spirit.

This celebration wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and talent of the Heritage Day Committee, headed by the Emmitsburg Lions Club.

“Community Heritage Day is a wonderful opportunity for the groups in our little town to work together to conduct an event that has some things for everyone in the community,” said Dianne Walbrecker, a member of the Heritage Day Committee.

The festivity began with the Vigilant Hose Company’s annual breakfast, serving as a delightful kickstart to energize attendees for a day filled with activities. From playing in kickball matches, cooling off at the pool, participating in bingo, embarking on historical hayrides with Jim Rada, watching the Big Parade, and so much more, the event offered non-stop fun and excitement.

“It’s always a great experience with the Emmitsburg Lions Club Heritage Day event. This is the 40-year anniversary, and I have enjoyed volunteering for the last couple of years. As a new member, it’s been an eye-opening, fulfilling experience getting to know this awesome group of people in the club and in the community,” says Amelia (Mia) Kovach, a Lions Club volunteer.

As the sun began to set, the day ended with a grand fireworks display that painted the sky, serving as a fitting conclusion to a day filled with shared memories and new connections.

Reflecting on the resounding success of Heritage Day, another Heritage Day Committee member, Jennifer Joy, stated, “This 40th Community Heritage Day was another spectacular event. We couldn’t have asked for better weather! The activities and organizations that make it a unique and hometown event came together again to create a great day of fun for our area families.”

With the combined efforts of the Heritage Day Committee, the Emmitsburg Lions Club, and everyone else involved in the festival fundraising and event activities, the 40th Community Heritage Day left a lasting impression on attendees and showcased the community’s commitment to promoting unity, enjoyment, and support for one another.

Winners of the contests from this year are as follows: Greased Pig Chase: (1-6 years)—Paisley Iaea, (7-11 years)—Keirstin Reed, (12-16 years)—Austin Welch, (17 & up)—Jack McCarthy. Sack Races Singles: (1-4 years) 1st—Aaria Ridenhour, 2nd—Mylah Iaea; (5-8 years) 1st—Robbie Dewees, 2nd—Ryan Krom; (9-12 years) 1st—Cayla Thomas, 2nd—Dustin Brooks; (13-16 years) 1st—Austin Welch, 2nd—Addison Welch; (17 & up) 1st—Daniel McCarthy, 2nd—Christian Garcia. Sack Races Doubles: (5-8 years) 1st—Bobbie Dewes and Chase Coal, 2nd—Jackson Clockie and Fred Hahn; (9-12 years) 1st—Bernadette Hahn and Lacey Hahn, 2nd—Briar Brooks and Dustin Brooks, (13-16 years) 1st—Austin Welch and Addison Welch; (17 & up) 1st—Jack McCarthy and McKayla Heims, 2nd—Brandon Allison and Christian Garcia. Egg Toss: 1st—Patton Myers and Matt Myers, 2nd—McKayla Heims and Savanah Phebus. Water Balloon Toss: 1st—Patton Myers and Matt Myers (TIE), 2nd—Symeon Turner and Ambrose Turner. Tug of War: (Up to 8 years) 1st—Brantlee Young and Chase Cool, 2nd—Vivian Satterlee and Grant Satterlee; (9-16 years) 1st—Savanah Phebus, Cayla Thomas, Elenor Satterlee, Bernadette Hahn, Lacey Hahn, Katherine Love, Kyalee Comp, Keirstin Reed, Bailey Cope; (17 & up) 1st— 30+ people. Pie Eating Contest: (Up to 4 years) 1st—Mylah Iaea, 2nd—Cole Stone; (5-8 years) 1st—Ryan Krom, 2nd—Brent Hahn; (9-12 years) 1st—Savanah Phebus, 2nd—James; (13-16 years) 1st—Kristein Mills, 2nd—Thomas Ness; (17 & up) 1st—Jack McCarthy, 2nd—Brandon Rivera. Watermelon Eating Contest: (Up to 4 years) 1st—Cole Stone, 2nd—Brantlee Young/ Mylah Iaea; (5-8 years) 1st—Ryan Krom, 2nd—Leah Krom; (9-12 years) 1st—Mason Rivera/ Savanah Phebus, 2nd—Sophie Myers; (13-16 years) 1st—Austin Welch, 2nd—Patton Myers; (17 & up) 1st—Jack McCarthy, 2nd—Brandon Rivera. Horseshoe Tournament: 1st—Rob Dewees and John Smith, 2nd—Paul Eyler and Phil Kuhn, 3rd—Harold Stafford and Richard Brown.

Photos by Chloe Ricasa Rob Dewees and John Smith earned first place in the Horseshoe Tournament during Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day on June 24, 2023.

Lions Club volunteer, Bryant, helps in the pavilion to serve food and drinks with a smile.

Attendees enjoy rides on the horses.

Winners McKayla Heims (left) and Jack McCarthy cross the finish line during the doubles sack race.

Kids enjoy a ride on the barrel train.

Ben Seidl and Heather Seidl of Rise and Shine Farm, LLC, showcase their microgreens.

Participants go all in during the watermelon eating contest.

(from left) Keirstin Reed, Paisley Iaea, Jack McCarthy, and Austin Welch with their first-place ribbons from the greased pig chase.

Knights of Columbus volunteers swirl up the cotton candy.

The Lions clubs of Lions District 22-W (Western Maryland), which includes both the Thurmont (TLC) and Emmitsburg Lions Clubs, have recently completed a fundraising drive to purchase a custom class 3 bus that will be equipped to provide a number of basic health-screening functions. The unit will be fully self-contained and will include features such as on-board power generation and heating and air conditioning so that it can be set up on any reasonably level spot. The completed unit, including testing equipment, will cost in excess of $250,000, of which the Lions of District 22-W has raised half of the total cost. The balance will be covered by a community service matching grant from the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF). This foundation is funded by donations from Lions Clubs around the world.

Lions Clubs International has a long history of supporting local healthcare activities. Currently, the Thurmont Lions Club conducts a health fair on a yearly basis at the community library. The Mobile Screening Unit (MSU) will be made available at no cost (other than fuel) to any Lions Club in the district for use at public events, such as community fairs, local health events, and so forth, where large numbers of local citizens come together. The completed unit will be equipped with six testing stations. Once placed into service, the MSU will be able to provide the following basic health checks: adult vision testing; youth vision screening (as young as one year in age); hearing screening; blood pressure and pulse rate; and blood-sugar levels. Additional tests such as internal eye pressure (glaucoma) and macular degeneration will probably be added in the future.

The Lions Clubs who use the MSU will not make any specific health diagnoses. Instead, they will notify the individual being screened (or a guardian) that there are indications of a potential health issue and recommend that the individual seek professional help for further diagnosis. In some cases, the clubs may be in a position to assist the referred individual to public health services if they do not have the necessary insurance to cover the costs of the recommended procedure. 

Now that the funds are in place to order the MSU, District 22-W is working on raising money to cover the operating costs on an ongoing basis (insurance, license and registration, maintenance, supplies, etc.). Starting in January of 2023, the Thurmont Lions Club will be placing donation jars at various club events, such as the Christmas Extravaganza, bingo events, traditional health fair, etc.) to allow the community to help to place the valuable health-screening asset in regular service as a part of the annual TLC Make a Difference Day program.

At this time, it is hoped that the MSU can be placed in service before the end of 2023. Additional information will be provided as it becomes available. 

Photo shows a Mobile Screening Unit currently in use in Virginia.

Courtesy Photo

The Emmitsburg Lions Club is once again sponsoring a Heritage Art Contest. The contest is open to school-aged children from the Emmitsburg School area in first through eighth grades. Homeschoolers are encouraged to participate as well.

All artwork should reflect the theme: “What Does My Community Look Like to Me?” Prizes are awarded to winners in each division.

For registration, visit or email

Poem by Francis Smith

Come to me
in the greening
     of the springtime

when all the world is born
     fresh and new.

          Come to me
              when flowers and trees,
              veggies and fruits,
              and seedlings of all sorts
              poke their heads
              and twine their roots —
              their colors burst anew.

So, come, watch with me,
     enjoy the scenes, and
     smile your biggest smile!

Come, rest your soul;
     it is so worth the while!

Dianne Walbrecker

Emmitsburg rolls out the red carpet for neighbors and visitors alike at its biggest event of the year: Community Heritage Day. This year, at our 38th annual festival, we roll out all the games you love, the BBQ chicken, car show, horseshoe contest, parade, and music, but all at a later time than in previous years. Rather than starting too early in the morning, most events will begin at noon. That will give you plenty of time to eat breakfast at the Vigilant Hose; take a cool, refreshing dip in the pool (free for the day); play those hard-fought games like the three-legged race and the raw-egg toss; but also stick around for the parade, music and dancing, and fireworks—with enough energy to spare. For any questions, you can always email us at

As always, the Vigilant Hose Company starts us out with its famous breakfast at 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. The Lions Club will serve its famous BBQ chicken dinners, as well as hot dogs and snacks, from noon until sold out, at the Community Park Pavilion.

For those of you who enjoy cycling, we have biking activities for the hardcore biker, as well as the beginner. This year we offer our 50-Miler Sightseer tour that begins at 8:00 a.m. For mountain bikers, we offer various trail rides, from beginner to advanced, at Rainbow Lake at 10:00 a.m. At 1:30 p.m., the “Tour de Pasture,” a five-mile police-escorted ride around Emmitsburg and a shorter family-friendly ride “Tour de Park” will be offered. Finally, from 1:00-4:00 p.m., we will hold “drop in” Bike Safety Rodeo for kids to learn cycling skills at the basketball courts in Community Park.

The public vote car show (registration at 10:30 p.m.) and vendor show will begin at noon. The car show will be on School Lane at the elementary school parking lot, while vendors will be set up in Community Park. For horseshoe fans, registration will be open at noon at Community Park. Games for the whole family, sponsored by the Lions Club, will begin at 2:00 p.m. You will want to bring your best for the water balloon, raw-egg toss, sack races, tug of war, and pie-eating competitions. May the best man, woman, child, or team win!

The Emmitsburg Lions Club is once again sponsoring a Heritage Art Contest. The contest is open to school-aged children from the Emmitsburg School Area in first through eighth grades. Homeschoolers are encouraged to participate as well. All artwork should reflect the theme, “What Does My Community Look Like to Me?” Prizes are awarded to winners in each division. For registration go to or email

The beer garden will return to this year’s Community Heritage Day celebration as a fundraiser to support two local worthy causes: The Friends of the Emmitsburg Library and Emmitsburg trails. This year, we plan to expand our hours into the early evening, and we are happy to report that Dave Blackmon from Smoketown brewery is returning to share his delicious brews; we are hoping to bring in a couple more breweries to join the fun.

The parade will begin lining up at 4:30 p.m. on Mountain View Road, and will begin half an hour later. As always, folding chairs will crowd the Main Street of Emmitsburg, as people cheer their favorite with “whoops and hollers.” The parade will end at Community Park in time for music and more food.

Come to the Band Stand in the park, from 6:30-9:30 p.m., to rock the night away with the Special Delivery Band, bringing you music from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. This is the kind of music to which everyone will want to dance.

We know you brag about our fireworks to your coworkers, friends, and family, and this year will be no different—they will again be spectacular. Come down to Community Park for the music, food, and company, and enjoy the fireworks up close and personal,

Jack Walker

Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day epitomizes the town’s spirit and aims to bring the community together for a day of fun and celebration. Entering its thirty-seventh year this past June, it continues to encourage community involvement and to energize neighborly pride.

On June 30, 2018, the schedule for Community Day was set, with many activities and choices of friendly competitions, ranging from games and contests to running races to riding bikes. The day started with breakfast at the Vigilant Hose Company, which was followed by a 6K run. Games and contests followed, with the greased pig chase, tug-o-war, sack races, and watermelon and pie eating contests.

Cliff Sweeney, representing the Emmitsburg Lions Club said, “The Community Swimming Pool was free to the public for swimming all day. The concession stand at the pool was open for the first time in twenty years, thanks to the efforts of members of the Emmitsburg Lions Club and the Boy Scouts.”

The biking events, coordinated by Emmitsburg commissioner and avid mountain-biker Tim O’Donnell, served to engage the public with a sport that perfectly fits the topographic mold of the Catoctin Mountain area. The biking events included a thirty-mile, ten-mile, five-mile, one-mile, and a children’s bike rodeo. O’Donnell has deep-rooted ties to the mountain biking innerworkings of the Emmitsburg area, developing the mountain bike trails at Rainbow Lake. He also organized sessions to teach the public about the “expectations of coaching,” with spokespeople from the Maryland League of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. Coaches train mountain bikers to compete in races, a fundamental step in the success of competitive mountain bikers.

O’ Donnell’s daughter, Tara, took attendance for the incoming bikers and assisted in some bike rides, including the children’s bike rodeo. Tara described the bike programs and Heritage Day as “community-oriented” and “fun,” bringing people together to celebrate what shapes the community. The efforts of the O’ Donnells in promoting mountain biking throughout the Emmitsburg area continue to have positive impact on the community, combining athletics and interaction with the unique landscape and environment our region has to offer.

The day continued with other activities, including Bingo, an art exhibit, wagon rides, musical performances by the likes of Home Comfort Bluegrass Band and Ray Owens, as well as assorted contests. A beer garden was held at the baseball field. An art contest exhibit was held at the Emmitsburg Branch Library for Emmitsburg-area students in first through eighth grades under the theme “Freedom is…”; Civil War wagon tours ran for two hours and showcased the rich history of the town. The Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day Parade featured local firefighters, baton throwers, scouts, and politicians, many of whom threw candy along the street to spectators. To finish off the night, an expansive and beautiful firework show was displayed across the night sky.

Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day continues to unite the community and bring people together for a day of summer fun.

Winners of the contests this year are the following: for the greased pig chase—Caeli Miravelle (ages 1-6), Austin Welch (ages 7-11), CJ Upchurch (ages 12-16), and John Mark Miravelle (ages 17 and up); for the singles sack race—Noah Leibensperger, 1st place, Keane Burns, 2nd place (ages 1-4), Addison Welch, 1st place, Savannah Phebus, 2nd place (ages 5-8), Joshua Hahn, 1st place, Madison Ball, 2nd place (ages 9-12), Michael DiJulio, 1st place, Matthias Buchheister, 2nd place (ages 13-16), TJ Burns, 1st place, and Jack McCarthy, 2nd place (ages 17 and up);

for the doubles sack race—Noah Leibensperger and Keane Burns, 1st place (ages 1-4), Addison Welch and Savannah Phebus, 1st place, Tierney Burns and Bridgett Ball, 2nd place (ages 5-8), Tessa McKenzie and Samantha Orndorff, 1st place, Joshua and Wesley Hahn, 2nd place (ages 9-12), Meara and Caeley McVearry, 1st place, Matthew and Joseph Horil, 2nd place (ages 13-16), Danial and Jack McCarthy, 1st place, and Abby McCarthy and Will Hibbert, 2nd place (ages 17 and up);

For the egg toss—Deandre and Adrianne Phebus, 1st place, and Denise and Bob Maddox, 2nd place.

For the water balloon toss—Kim and Dale Shields, 1st place, and Abby McCarthy and Will Hibbert, 2nd place.

For the pie eating contest—Jameson Ebaugh, 1st place, Emmaus Vera, 2nd place (ages 4 and under), Cecilia Love, 1st place, Grady Abruzzese, 2nd place (ages 5-8), Thomas Love, 1st place, Meara McVearry, 2nd place (ages 9-12), John Lane, 1st place, Jean Pembroke and CJ Upchurch, 2nd place (ages 13-16), Jack McCarthy, 1st place, and Theresa Buccheit, 2nd place (ages 17 and up).

For the watermelon eating contest—Keane Burns, 1st place, Landon Dodson, 2nd place (ages 4 and under), Sophia Legare, 1st place, Cecilia Love, 2nd place (ages 5-8), Meara McVearry, 1st place (ages 9-12), Jacob Ebaugh, 1st place (ages 13-16), Dennis Ebaugh, 1st place, and Jack McCarthy and Will Hibbert, 2nd place (ages 17 and up).

(left) Caeli Miravelle (ages 1-6 group) wins first place in the greased pig chase.

(right) Men ride horseback down the streets of Emmitsburg during the parade.

Austin and Addison Welch proudly show their awards won at Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day.

At the Emmitsburg Lions Club meeting on September 8, 2016, Lion Jared Suit was officially inducted into the club. Overseeing the induction of Lion Suit was Lions Club District 22W Governor Brian Cox.
In addition to welcoming the new Lion, the District Governor also thanked his sponsor for helping the club grow by sharing the Lions story with others and through their personal service to the community.

Pictured right to left are District 22W Governor Brian Cox, Lion Jared Suit, and Jared sponsor Lion Mark Zurgable

Deb Spalding

This year, the Emmitsburg Heritage Day Event was spectacular for visitors and town residents. The volunteers who worked on the Emmitsburg Heritage Day Committee planned all year to make the day a success. The weather was beautiful, the people were happy, and the fireworks were fabulous. Volunteer Jim Houck, Jr., said, “All (members) of our committee are truly dedicated to helping our community, especially the kids, enjoy a day of fun and games.”

Although it was originally an Emmitsburg Lions Club event, it is now a cooperative effort among multiple organizations. It is hoped that the festival will continue in the future with even more involvement from the community. Jennifer Joy, Heritage Day Committee chair, said, “It was a wonderful day because of the involvement and support of all of the town’s civic organizations, businesses, and churches that make this event possible each year. Through their generosity and commitment, we are able to provide fireworks (Emmitsburg Professional Business Association), parade (Sons of the American Legion), music (Knights of Columbus), food (SAL and Lions), field games (Lions), and kids activities (Christ’s Community Church) at the festival.”

Jim Houck and Mike Hartdagen coordinated the parade that followed the traditional route from the Doughboy on West Main Street to the square, then down South Seton Avenue. Houck boasted, “The turnout was great and we had some last-minute surprises in our line up.” The Parade was well attended and had more than forty organizations participate.  Most enjoyed were the ponies and the Harmony Cornet Band, who also regaled with their talents before and after the Memorial Event.

Through a grant from the Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area, a History Art Contest was held. Coupled with donations from local organizations and donors, $1,100 in prizes was distributed to nine winners in three categories. Art Contest Winners: Elementary Division—1st Prize, Arianna Calhoun, 2nd Prize, Darren Fry, 3rd Prize, Lynzee Davis, and Honorable Mention, Abigail Mae Turner; Middle School Division—1st Prize, Gabrielle Lee Archie, 2nd Prize, Emily Grace Williams, 3rd Prize, Shae Lynn Archie Fuller, and Honorable Mention, Marques Miller; High School Division—1st Prize, Eli Fryer.

A beach week raffle was also held as a fundraiser for next year’s event, and the winner was local resident, Kendall Moore, from Pembrook Woods. Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to the Moore family!

At the Memorial event, all were touched by guest speaker, Brenda Sheaffer’s, story as someone with severe learning disabilities who struggled to make a living and be considered a contributor to society. With the help of Melwood, a non-profit organization, she has now been able to hold a position as a custodian at the National Zoo and the Auditors Building, before earning a security clearance to work at the White House complex. Also at the Memorial event, responders to Emmitsburg’s three major fires were honored and thanked for their service. Parade awards were given to “Best In” categories, and Art contest awards were given out to winners.

At the Bandstand, Miriam Warther of Fairfield, Synergy (a girl group from the Let there be Rock School of Frederick), Screaming Melina’s from Pennsylvania, and Jellyfish Jam Band (from Emmitsburg) entertained the crowd.

Sack Race winners were: Singles—Andy Walters and Addy Dodson (ages 1-4), Landon Miller and Blake Cool (ages 5-8), Joshua Wantz and Deondre Febus (ages 9-12), Josh Maze and Jayson Howard (ages 13-16), Jack McCarthy/Dave Zentz (tie) and Davey Ott (ages 17 and older); Doubles—Addie Dobson/Tierney Burns and Alyse Scarzello/Andy Walters (ages 1-4), Josh Hahn/Savannah Phebus and Robert Upchurch/Annelle Upchurch (ages 5-8), Deandre Febus/Adrian Febus and Helen Hochschild/Violet Walker (ages 9-12), McKenna Stambaugh/Alexis Cool and Cheyene Marsee/Carmella Ogle (ages 13-16), and Nathan Fritz/Brittany Fritz and Kacie Boyle/Wendy Gray (ages 17 and older).

Egg Toss winners were Kimberly Shields and Kathy Shields.

Water Balloon Toss winners were Steve Wantz, Sr. and Steve Wantz III, who tied with Dave Shields and Dave Shields Jr.

Pie Eating Contest winners were Andy Walters and Felicity Phelan (up to 4 years), Robert Upchurch and Lucien Ridenour and Josh Hahn (ages 5-8), Nate Snyder and Krystal Lane (ages 9-12), Jordan Ebaugh and John Lane (ages 13-16), and Jack McCarthy (ages 17 and older).

Watermelon Eating Contest winners were Cassie Click and Cora Krom (up to 4 years); Sarah Lagare, Thomas Love, and Robert Upchurch (ages 5-8); Krystal Lane, Matthew Know, Deandre Febus, and Nate Snyder (ages 9-12); Danielle Wilson, Hannah Kaas, and Caeley McVearry (ages 13-16); and Jack McCarthy and Jared Suit (ages 17 and older).

Casting Contest winners were Trinity Mahon (up to 4 years), Charlie Scarzell (ages 5-8), C.J. Upchurch (ages 9-12), and Jared Suit (ages 17 and older).

Car Show winners were: Best In Show Overall—Brenda Titman; Truck Division: 1st  Place—Steven Kimmel, 2nd Place—Jean Eyler, 3rd Place—Paul Best; Motorcycle: 1st Place—Robert Droneburg, 2nd Place—Wade Droneburg; Car Division: 1st Place—Stephen Kupick, 2nd Place—Greg Parry, 3rd Place—Brenda Titman, and 4th Place—Jim Hoover.

The Friends of the Emmitsburg Library held their annual book sale.  The Friends raised over $560 to support library programs and the Summer Reading Program.

Next year, the committee hopes to have a carnival and some additional attractions during the event. If anyone is interested in participating or getting involved in the planning of next year’s event, please contact Jennifer Joy at 301-447-6467 or Clifford Sweeney 301-447-1712 or email

Brandon Burris, Savannah Phebus, and Jayson Howard were some of the game winners during Emmitsburg Heritage Day on June 25, 2016.

Photo by Stephanie Freniere


Participants in the Pie Eating Contest enjoyed the game and the sweets.

Photo by Stephanie Freniere


Around 5:15 p.m., families began lining the streets, eagerly awaiting the parade to begin, a much-anticipated event each year.

Photo by Gracie Eyler

Emmitsburg Sons of the American Legion’s Mike Hartdagen presented the Vigilant Hose Company’s Jimmy Click with a plaque of appreciation for their quick response to the house fires in Emmitsburg this past year.

Photo by Gracie Eyler


Greased Pig Chase winners were Savannah Phebus (ages 1-6 years), Mathew Knox (7-11), Jayson Howard (12-16), and Brandon Burris (17 and older).

Photo by Stephanie Freniere


Group shot of some of the riders from Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts (MORE), who participated in the mountain bike group rides on the Multi User Trail on Community Heritage Day.

Courtesy Photo





Emmitsburg Baseball Celebrates 60th Anniversary  

Deb Spalding

60th Anniversary EBSLIn 1955, Articles of Incorporation for the Emmitsburg Little League stated the objective of the league to be, “to implant firmly in the boys of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and reverence so that they may be finer, stronger, and happier boys and will grow to be good, clean, healthy men.” The objectives were to have been achieved by providing supervised competitive baseball games. Since 1955, thousands of boys, and now girls, too, have been impacted in a positive way by this league.

According to a January 28, 1955 Emmitsburg Chronicle article, Paul Claypool was the organizing chairman of the project and the Emmitsburg Lions Club was the first sponsor of the league. Coaches slated that first season included James McKeon, Carlos Englar, Dr. John J. Dillon, Jr., and Prof. Paul Conway. Organizational contributors included Herbert W. Roger, George L. Wilhide, and John J. Hollinger. Additional team sponsors soon came forward.

Organizational officers were slated in June and included Guy R. McGlaughlin, president; Robert Daugherty, vice president; John J. Dillon, Jr., secretary; and J. Edward Houck, treasurer.

Opening day was held Tuesday, June 22, 1955 with Leonard Zimmerman’s Cards beating Jack Rosensteel’s Yankees 4-0. Emmitsburg’s Burgess,Thornton Rodgers tossed out the first ball.

The concession stand was built in 1975 and named Sayler’s Stand for former league president, Bob Sayler, who served food from the concession stand for thirty years. Sayler passed away in 1997 at the age of seventy-five.

The first girls to play in the league started to appear in the 1960s and 1970s. They were mixed in as members of the boys’ teams. Today, there are several girl’s teams ranging in age from 8-16. They play in the Frederick County Girls Softball League.

Former league president and long-time league volunteer, Mary Topper, said, “In 2004, the league decided to join a new league, the Mason Dixon League, which included Taneytown, Littlestown, and Charles Carroll. The reason for the change was the lack of boys teams in Emmitsburg. The officers thought it was good for the players from nine to twelve years to experience new competition. Our teams were very successful in this league.”

A few years later, the Emmitsburg Little League changed from little league to being independent and officially became the Emmitsburg Baseball and Softball League. At this time, teams went on to play in Pony league. Since 2009, teams have been playing in the Cal Ripken League because this league plays by rules used in major league and high school baseball.

Older boys, aged 13-19, currently play in the Frederick County Babe Ruth League. EBSL currently has two teams in the 13-15 league and one team in the 16-19 league.

EBSL has hosted the Frederick County Babe Ruth 13-15 year end-of-year tournament for the past two years under the leadership of Doug Wivell. Also, EBSL has hosted the State Tournament for Cal Ripken for the past three years, and the Emmitsburg 12U All Stars have won the Maryland state title three years in a row under the coaching of Dave Wantz III, Jimmy Click, and John Malachowski. They advanced to Waynesboro, Pennsylvania for the Regional Championships the first year and to New York the second year, then returned to Waynesboro again this year. The 12U Redsox were undefeated during this season.

Emmitsburg’s 12U girls softball team won first place in the silver division. The 15U girls came in second in their division. With success of the Mason-Dixon League, Emmitsburg will continue to play against other teams in Fairfield, Gettysburg, and Taneytown.

Past presidents include Guy McGlaughlin, Dr. William Cadle, Thomas Bollinger, Richard McCullough, Thomas “Tip” Harbaugh, Robert Sayler, Thomas Ryan, Roy Wivell, William Wivell, Lisa Krom, Dean Torgenson, Mary Topper, Brian Holt, Jeff Little, Brian Devilbiss, Jeff topper, and Tom Kelly.

The league would like to thank the town and the sponsors for their support. To volunteer on the board, serve as a coach, or become a sponsor, please email

CHS Sports Boosters to Hold Re-Dedication Ceremony

The Catoctin High School (CHS) Sports Boosters will hold a re-dedication ceremony of the memorials to former Catoctin athletes and fallen military heroes, 1Lt. Robert A. Seidel, III and LCpl. James Willard Higgins, Jr. prior to the Homecoming football game at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, September 25, 2015, in Cougar Stadium. The memorials have been completely restored in memory of Jeff Wivell, who was instrumental in the initial creation of the monument area.

James Rada, Jr.

Rain couldn’t stop the annual Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day. With the exception of the Vigilant Hose Company’s Community Breakfast that was held Saturday morning, it just delayed the event for a day.

The Emmitsburg Lions Club, which hosts the event, made the decision to postpone the festival. Community Heritage Day is typically on the last Saturday in June, but this year it ran on Sunday, June 28. It turned out to be a good call, because it rained pretty much all of Saturday. Sunday, on the other hand, began cloudy and wet, but with no rain. By noon, the sun forced its way through the clouds and brightened the day.

Carina Hall of Emmitsburg brought her two sons and nephew out to participate in the games that included a greased pig chase, egg toss, three-legged race, and more.

“I like to come because the kids get to have a good time,” Hall said.

Besides the games, she also enjoyed some of the other events that are part of Community Heritage Day, such as the live music, parade, classic car show, and, of course, the fireworks.

“I think what the boys enjoyed even more than the games was the (caterpillar) train that went around the park,” Hall said.

Not only did kids enjoy the games, but so did the young at heart. Thirty-one-year-old Justin Forsyth signed up to participate in the adult heat of the greased pig chase on a dare.

“I told him (Bob Hance) that if he signed me up, I’d be guaranteed to win,” Forsyth said.

Although it was his first time trying to catch a greased pig, his confidence wasn’t misplaced. He said that once the pig started running, his old football skills kicked in to help him catch a real pig skin.

“It was fun, and I’m going to come back to defend my title next year,” Forsyth said.

After the games, visitors strolled Community Park listening to music and eating delicious food. They also took a wagon ride over to the classic car and motorcycle show.

Ron and Cindy Welch of Orlando, Florida, were in town visiting family and stopped by to watch the events.

“It’s very nice,” Sandy Welch said. “I like that everyone is involved and participating.”

This year was the 33rd Annual Community Heritage Day. Each year, the event brings the community together, celebrates Emmitsburg’s history, and raises funds for local charities.

Sponsors of the day include the Emmitsburg Lions Club, the Emmitsburg Business and Professional Association, Sons of the American Legion, Knights of Columbus, AMVETS, Tyrian Lodge #205, the Emmitsburg Veterinary Hospital, and Men’s Auxiliary VFW, and many more who contribute funds for the annual fireworks and who volunteer to make the event possible.

Winners in this year’s events were as follows:

Art Contest: Elementary School—Hailie Grace Dawson (first place), Emily Grace Williams (second place), Cassidy Sill (third place), Vanessa Sweeney (fourth place), Middle School—Gabrielle Archie (first place), Ryan Heiss (second place), Jean Pembroke (third place); High School—Emily Wilson (first place) and Rianna Joy (second place).

Greased Pig Chase: Ages 1-6—Emma Annadale; Ages 7-11—John Lane; Ages 12-16—Mathew LeGare; Ages 17 and up— Justin Forsyth.

Sack Race Singles: Ages 1-4—Tierney Burns (first place), Camden Stone (second place); Ages 5-8—Wesley Hahn (first place), Evan Upchurch (second place); Ages 9-12—Mason Joy (first place), Josh Maze (second place); Ages 13-16—Jack McCarthy (first place), Mathew LeGare (second place); Ages 17 and up—David Shields (first place), Abby McCarthy (second place).

Sack Race Doubles: Ages 5-8—Evan and Robert Upchurch (first place), Josh and Wesley Hahn (second place); Ages 9-12—Deandre and Andrianne Febus (first place), John Lane and Marques Miller (second place); Ages 13-16—Jada Snyder and Madison Flohr (first place), Daniel and Jack McCarthy (second place); Ages 17 and up—Fred and Mathew LeGare (first place), Bridget and Abby McCarthy (second place).

Egg Toss: Nathan Joy and Josh Maze.

Water Balloon Toss: Jerry and Jacob Wilson tied with Ben Sielaff and Kimberly Shields.

Pie Eating Contest: Ages up to 4—Annelen Upchurch (first place), Tierney Burns (second place); Ages 5-8—Wesley Hahn (first place), Brooke Shriner (second place); Ages 9-12—John Lane (first place), Krystal Lane (second place); Ages 13-16—Jack McCarthy (first place), John Pembroke (second place); Ages 17 and up—Matt Knox (first place), Jerry Wilson (second place).

Watermelon Eating Contest: Ages up to 4—Annelen Upchurch (first place), Tierney Burns and Jordyn Ohler (second place); Ages 5-8—Robert Upchurch (first place), Austin Welch (second place); Ages 9-12—Deandre Febus (first place), Josh Wantz (second place).

Casting Contest: Ages up to 4—Annelen Upchurch; Ages 5-8—Sarah LeGare; Ages 9-12—Madelyn Greco; Ages 13-16—Joseph LeGare; Ages 17 and up—Branden Burriss.

Horseshoe Tournament: Buck Wivell and Jason McKenzie (first place); Roy Wivell and Dave Wantz, Jr. (second place); Dave Miller and Tony Bower (third place).

The damp and muddy grounds didn’t stop the annual car show.

“Eventhough it was a small turnout, it was a really nice show,” said Lions Club Coordinator Melissa Wetzel. Trophies were awarded according to people’s choice.

Car Division—Stephen Kupich ’64 Chevy Corvette (first place and Best of Show); Geno “Tater” Esquer ‘68 Chevy Camaro (second place); Tater ’55 Chevy Pro Street (third place); Bill Groves ’32 Desoto Coupe (fourth place); Pat Groves ’28 Ford Sedan (fifth place).

Motorcycle Division—John Reese, 2001 Yamaha V Star (first place); Robert Droneburg ’91 H-D FXRS (second place); Wade Droneburg 2007 Yamaha V Star (third place).

Truck Division—Don and Jean Eyler ’91 Chevy Sport (first place).

Brooklyn Stone and Annelen Upchurch compete in the Watermelon Eating Contest during Emmitsburg Heritage Day.

DSC_0847(left) Evan and Robert Upchurch place first in the sack race, just one of the many fun contests held during Community Heritage Day.





DSC_0982(left) Sarah LeGare won the casting contest in the 5-8 year age group.

(below) The annual car show at the Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day is always a favorite.


Emmitsburg Flood 6-27-15-sml-IMG_8593-1 (2)Flooding shown in Emmitsburg from the heavy rains that swept through the area on Saturday, June 27, causing Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day to be delayed until Sunday.

(below) Participants strive for a steady, soft grip during the egg toss contest.


DSC_0836Josh Maze and Mason Joy hold up their ribbons earned during the sack race competition. (left)

Tug-o-war games were held for all ages at Community Heritage Day. Lion Jim Hahn helps get the contest started.

No slouches present during this sack race competition, only determined and energetic participants.

DSCN0718(left) John Lane and Krystal Lane place first and second in the pie eating contest, where winning tastes so good.



 1 HD3-1 (2)Kids enjoy riding on the train around Emmitsburg Community Park.