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Emmitsburg recently marked a significant milestone with the 40th anniversary of its beloved Community Heritage Day, held on June 24 at the E. Eugene Myers Memorial Park. This event, which has become a cherished tradition for the community, took place on a beautiful, sunny day that defied the gloomy weather predictions. The Heritage Day celebrations brought the community closer together with an array of activities, delicious food, and live entertainment, highlighting the town’s rich history and vibrant spirit.

This celebration wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and talent of the Heritage Day Committee, headed by the Emmitsburg Lions Club.

“Community Heritage Day is a wonderful opportunity for the groups in our little town to work together to conduct an event that has some things for everyone in the community,” said Dianne Walbrecker, a member of the Heritage Day Committee.

The festivity began with the Vigilant Hose Company’s annual breakfast, serving as a delightful kickstart to energize attendees for a day filled with activities. From playing in kickball matches, cooling off at the pool, participating in bingo, embarking on historical hayrides with Jim Rada, watching the Big Parade, and so much more, the event offered non-stop fun and excitement.

“It’s always a great experience with the Emmitsburg Lions Club Heritage Day event. This is the 40-year anniversary, and I have enjoyed volunteering for the last couple of years. As a new member, it’s been an eye-opening, fulfilling experience getting to know this awesome group of people in the club and in the community,” says Amelia (Mia) Kovach, a Lions Club volunteer.

As the sun began to set, the day ended with a grand fireworks display that painted the sky, serving as a fitting conclusion to a day filled with shared memories and new connections.

Reflecting on the resounding success of Heritage Day, another Heritage Day Committee member, Jennifer Joy, stated, “This 40th Community Heritage Day was another spectacular event. We couldn’t have asked for better weather! The activities and organizations that make it a unique and hometown event came together again to create a great day of fun for our area families.”

With the combined efforts of the Heritage Day Committee, the Emmitsburg Lions Club, and everyone else involved in the festival fundraising and event activities, the 40th Community Heritage Day left a lasting impression on attendees and showcased the community’s commitment to promoting unity, enjoyment, and support for one another.

Winners of the contests from this year are as follows: Greased Pig Chase: (1-6 years)—Paisley Iaea, (7-11 years)—Keirstin Reed, (12-16 years)—Austin Welch, (17 & up)—Jack McCarthy. Sack Races Singles: (1-4 years) 1st—Aaria Ridenhour, 2nd—Mylah Iaea; (5-8 years) 1st—Robbie Dewees, 2nd—Ryan Krom; (9-12 years) 1st—Cayla Thomas, 2nd—Dustin Brooks; (13-16 years) 1st—Austin Welch, 2nd—Addison Welch; (17 & up) 1st—Daniel McCarthy, 2nd—Christian Garcia. Sack Races Doubles: (5-8 years) 1st—Bobbie Dewes and Chase Coal, 2nd—Jackson Clockie and Fred Hahn; (9-12 years) 1st—Bernadette Hahn and Lacey Hahn, 2nd—Briar Brooks and Dustin Brooks, (13-16 years) 1st—Austin Welch and Addison Welch; (17 & up) 1st—Jack McCarthy and McKayla Heims, 2nd—Brandon Allison and Christian Garcia. Egg Toss: 1st—Patton Myers and Matt Myers, 2nd—McKayla Heims and Savanah Phebus. Water Balloon Toss: 1st—Patton Myers and Matt Myers (TIE), 2nd—Symeon Turner and Ambrose Turner. Tug of War: (Up to 8 years) 1st—Brantlee Young and Chase Cool, 2nd—Vivian Satterlee and Grant Satterlee; (9-16 years) 1st—Savanah Phebus, Cayla Thomas, Elenor Satterlee, Bernadette Hahn, Lacey Hahn, Katherine Love, Kyalee Comp, Keirstin Reed, Bailey Cope; (17 & up) 1st— 30+ people. Pie Eating Contest: (Up to 4 years) 1st—Mylah Iaea, 2nd—Cole Stone; (5-8 years) 1st—Ryan Krom, 2nd—Brent Hahn; (9-12 years) 1st—Savanah Phebus, 2nd—James; (13-16 years) 1st—Kristein Mills, 2nd—Thomas Ness; (17 & up) 1st—Jack McCarthy, 2nd—Brandon Rivera. Watermelon Eating Contest: (Up to 4 years) 1st—Cole Stone, 2nd—Brantlee Young/ Mylah Iaea; (5-8 years) 1st—Ryan Krom, 2nd—Leah Krom; (9-12 years) 1st—Mason Rivera/ Savanah Phebus, 2nd—Sophie Myers; (13-16 years) 1st—Austin Welch, 2nd—Patton Myers; (17 & up) 1st—Jack McCarthy, 2nd—Brandon Rivera. Horseshoe Tournament: 1st—Rob Dewees and John Smith, 2nd—Paul Eyler and Phil Kuhn, 3rd—Harold Stafford and Richard Brown.

Photos by Chloe Ricasa Rob Dewees and John Smith earned first place in the Horseshoe Tournament during Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day on June 24, 2023.

Lions Club volunteer, Bryant, helps in the pavilion to serve food and drinks with a smile.

Attendees enjoy rides on the horses.

Winners McKayla Heims (left) and Jack McCarthy cross the finish line during the doubles sack race.

Kids enjoy a ride on the barrel train.

Ben Seidl and Heather Seidl of Rise and Shine Farm, LLC, showcase their microgreens.

Participants go all in during the watermelon eating contest.

(from left) Keirstin Reed, Paisley Iaea, Jack McCarthy, and Austin Welch with their first-place ribbons from the greased pig chase.

Knights of Columbus volunteers swirl up the cotton candy.

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