During the Thurmont Lions Club’s Bingo in November 2023, IPP (Immediate Past President) Julie El-Taher presented the “Rookie of the Year” Award to Lion Corey Hodge-Chisholm.

The criteria for receiving the Rookie of the Year” Award are as follows: You must be inducted into the Thurmont Lions Club in the prior Lions year, must have contributed in an outstanding way, must have a positive attitude, and must have a can-do spirit.

Lion Corey joined the club in August 2022. As a new member for less than one year, he did not hesitate to take on the responsibility of co-advisor of the Thurmont Middle School Leo Club.  It is out of the ordinary for such a new member to assume such a position.  Congratulations, Lion Corey, and thank you for your services.

Pictured from left are IPP Julie El-Taher and Lion Corey Hodge-Chisholm.

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