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During the Thurmont Lions Club’s Bingo in November 2023, IPP (Immediate Past President) Julie El-Taher presented the “Rookie of the Year” Award to Lion Corey Hodge-Chisholm.

The criteria for receiving the Rookie of the Year” Award are as follows: You must be inducted into the Thurmont Lions Club in the prior Lions year, must have contributed in an outstanding way, must have a positive attitude, and must have a can-do spirit.

Lion Corey joined the club in August 2022. As a new member for less than one year, he did not hesitate to take on the responsibility of co-advisor of the Thurmont Middle School Leo Club.  It is out of the ordinary for such a new member to assume such a position.  Congratulations, Lion Corey, and thank you for your services.

Pictured from left are IPP Julie El-Taher and Lion Corey Hodge-Chisholm.

Last year, Immediate Past President Susan Favorite established a new Thurmont Lion Club (TLC) award: the “Rookie of the Year.”

This annual award honors a new member who joins the club during the current year and meets certain criteria and excels to a degree during that year. 

This year, Lion Maxine Troxell was presented the award during the club’s Charter Night on October 27. She joined the club in July 2020. During the year, the club held many sandwich sale fundraisers, and she was there for the majority of the sales, working the dessert counter. After one year as member, Lion Maxine established the website for the club. She also volunteered to be the assistant secretary, which involves many duties. She has become an invaluable and beloved member of the Lions family. Congratulations to Lion Maxine Troxell.

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Pictured are (from left) Lion Maxine Troxell and Immediate Past President Susan Favorite.