New grants are available for businesses to make energy-efficient retrofits and save money. Frederick County is offering supplemental grants, up to $5,000 for LED lighting upgrades and up to $10,000 for deeper retrofits to HVAC and commercial refrigeration systems. These funds will cover the customer co-pay for incentives offered by Potomac Edison. By combining funds, businesses may make improvements at no cost as long as funding is available.

There are two eligible Potomac Edison programs. First, the Small Business Direct Install provides a turnkey solution, choosing the best products for an upgrade, managing the installation process, and providing enhanced warranty support. Potomac Edison provides incentives covering up to 80 percent of installed energy saving measure costs.

Second, Building Tune-up (BT) offers incentives to offset the upfront costs for energy efficiency improvements in existing commercial buildings through HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, and food service measures. These incentives support more comprehensive improvements.

The programs are available for most non-residential facility types, including commercial, institutional, and industrial customers. To qualify, participating projects must be in Potomac Edison’s Maryland service territory.

Willdan Energy Solutions is implementing the Potomac Edison programs in partnership with Frederick County.

For more information, contact Willdan: or call 800-880-3808.

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