James Rada, Jr.

Despite the popularity of youth soccer in the north county area, it can be difficult at times to get children to practices outside of the Emmitsburg area, particularly if the parent is returning home from work in Frederick, Hagerstown, or some other distant location.

Although Catoctin Youth Association Club practices in Thurmont, a group of parents is trying to form a youth league based in Emmitsburg.

“We think there’s enough interest in the area to make it a worthwhile program,” said Andy Crone, one of the parents working to form the league.

Currently, a lot of children are participating in leagues in places like Frederick, Taneytown, and Smithsburg. To have a league in Emmitsburg that many of them could even walk or ride a bike to would allow them the opportunity to play soccer that they might not have now.

Trone said the league is hoping to start with 40 children from pre-kickers up to U12. They may not be able to form a team at each level, but that is the goal so that children can grow up playing soccer in the local league, which will be called the Catoctin Mountain Futbol Club.

Parent Carlos Valerio of Emmitsburg has been working with the group forming the league. He told the Emmitsburg Board of Commissioners that the league’s biggest need is places to play and practice. They would like to use the field behind the Emmitsburg Community Center and fields at Emmitsburg Elementary School to play their games.

Open registration will be in July, with the goal to start playing a fall season that begins in August.

“We are open to partnerships with other leagues, and we’re reaching out to other areas to be part of games and tournaments,” Trone said.

When the parents presented their idea to the Emmitsburg Board of Commissioners earlier this year, they were met with interest and support. Mayor Frank Davis said it was a great idea that the parents had put a lot of thought into.

Jesse Ensor of Rocky Ridge supports the idea of an Emmitsburg soccer league. He has children who have to travel to Smithsburg to play.

“The main idea is to provide another option for another rec program and start to bring other rec programs to town,” Crone said.

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