The status of new businesses and development coming to Emmitsburg:

    Federal Stone (Creamery Road, east side of U.S. 15) — Awaiting the submission of an updated site plan and improvement plans. Payment and Performance bonds are also being reviewed.

    Ripleigh’s Creamery (W. Main Street) — Delayed due to funding, but ice cream truck operation started in April.

    Seton Village (South Seton Avenue) — The Daughters of Charity Ministries, Seton Village Property is seeking to formally re-plat the property, creating two lots for purposes related to ownership. 

    Village Liquors & Plaza Inn (Silo Hill Parkway) — Owner has received conditional approval of the Addition Plat and is now seeking to have an updated site plan and improvement plat approved by the Planning Commission.

    McDonald’s (Silo Hill Parkway) — Additional driveway construction is planned.

    Mount St. Mary’s Seton Shrine E Wing (South Seton Avenue) — Renovations to accommodate nursing student clinical rotations is in the planning phase. Parking inquiry: Is the classification “commercial, business, technical or trade school,” which will require one spot per three students?

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