Lewistown---Department-SpotWhen you think of a volunteer fire department, the first thing that comes to mind is the serious nature of the firefighter’s job and all the dedicated volunteers who take on this responsibility. However, that’s only one side of the story. The other side of the story: Volunteers of all ages come together to work hard, and have some fun, while serving their community.

I met with several of the members of the Lewistown District Volunteer Fire Department: Mike Fogle, Chief; Donald Stull, Sr., President; Karen Stull, Secretary; Lena Stull, Treasurer; and Steve Stull, Board of Directors, to learn about the volunteers who make up the department. It was immediately apparent to me that this group works very hard, yet also genuinely enjoys each other’s company and has a great time. They spoke with pride about the volunteers who work extra time during severe weather or emergency situations. They also mentioned the fun they always have during the annual awards banquet.

Company 22 serves approximately thirty-three square miles, which includes Lewistown, Utica, and Mountaindale. The department was established in 1970 and began service to the community with Engine 222, the first diesel fire truck in Frederick County. Engine 222 was eventually replaced and sold. However, according to a recent fundraising letter sent to the community, “This year we have been afforded the opportunity to receive back one of the department’s original fire trucks from a very gracious gentlemen that had purchased it.”

I was especially interested in the volunteer opportunities available. The jobs that require training and certification are: Firefighter, Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician, Emergency Medical Technician, Firefighter/Emergency Medical Responder, and Emergency Medical Responder. To find out more about these positions, contact your local fire station. If you have the desire to be a part of the team, you will need to join the department. Training is provided free for members of the department. Certifications are required for all three jobs. Although Frederick County career staff supplement the Lewistown department, volunteers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Raising funds to keep the department running is a monumental task that requires lots of volunteers. Activities at the fire hall include the famous ham, turkey, and oyster suppers; bingos; raffles; weddings; and other private events, as well as school and community events. You don’t need any training to volunteer for events. If you like to cook, you can help with food preparation. Servers and clean-up crew are always appreciated. According to Karen Stull, you can sign up on the website to be a volunteer or just show up. “We will find you something to do and try to make it fun for everybody.”

Company administration includes: Line Officers—Chief Mike Fogle, Deputy Chief Mike Stull, Assistant Chief Wayne Wachter, Assistant Chief Doug Wallick Jr., and Assistant Chief Scott Stonesifer; Administrative Officers—President Donald Stull Sr., Vice President Chuck Jenkins, Secretary Karen Stull, Assistant Secretary Mary Frances Bostian, Treasurer Lena Stull, and Assistant Treasurer Lisa Monday; Board of Director members—Jacob Howell, Donald Martin, Scott Martin, Scott Stonesifer, Steve Stull, and Wayne Stull.

Many of the members are very involved in all aspects of the department. I first met Chief Fogle while he was working in the kitchen during the community yard sale at the fire hall. Steve Stull is not only on the Board of Directors, he is also a firefighter/EMT and works on various committees. If you would like to reserve the fire hall for an event, you can contact Karen Stull. Donald Stull, Sr. is the president, but he said that he does “anything that needs to be done,” including driving the fire truck. Everyone works together to help out. They are a family.

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