Theresa Dardanell

Summer is not officially over, but students returned to school on Monday, August 22. They were greeted by many new staff members, who joined the teachers, administrators, and support staff at the local schools.

Lewistown Elementary welcomed Belinda Pippin, Assistant Principal; Julie Ferguson, Therapist; Erin Stup, Special Education Teacher; Molly Howser and Marsha Grosinger, Speech Pathologists; Lisa Caro, Laura McCaughey, and Karly Sites, Pyramid Teachers; Clay Waite, Lead Custodian; Kately Sword, School Support; and Tara Miller, Special Education Instructional Assistant. In addition, Dana Austin was promoted from assistant principal to principal.

Thurmont Middle welcomed Daniel Enck, Assistant Principal; William Gill, Counselor; Jenna Waybright, English-Language Arts Teacher; and Stephanie Strenko, Art/Career & Technology Education Teacher.

Catoctin High School welcomed Jason Lininger, Assistant Principal; Christy Wahl, Guidance; Ryan Lenhart, Math Teacher; Lisa Gadra, World Language Teacher; Scott Motter, English/Social Studies Teacher; Valerie Pickett, Art Teacher; Kenny Garvey, Math/Test Specialist; Linda Brainerd, Teacher Specialist; Travis Neil, Custodian; and Rachel Misner, Science Instructional Assistant.

Sabillasvile Elementary welcomed Stacy Bokinsky, School Counselor and Targeted Intervention teacher; Michael Pritt, Physical Education Teacher; and Julie Swope, Literacy Specialist.

Emmitsburg Elemetary welcomed Josie Greco, First Grade Teacher; and Lorraine Russo and Mary Lopez, Instructional Support.

Thurmont Elementary welcomed Caroline Pfrang, Third Grade Teacher; Rebecca Schimel, Becky Boughn, and Julie Morris, Special Education Instructional Assistants.

Thurmont Primary welcomed Kindergarten teacher, Jill Hood.

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