by Ava Morlier, Culinary Arts Writer

Today’s recipe is simple, yet elegant and delicious: Baked Brie. Baked brie marries together many flavors and textures in one delicious package. Creamy and savory brie is contrasted with the crunchy, salty flavors of the puff pastry. The sweet garnishes (honey, craisins) enhance the creaminess of the brie and contrast well against the savory puff pastry sheet.

This dish is also incredibly versatile. Have a pairing you prefer with brie? Use it as a garnish! Some alternative ingredients could include pear or apple slices, almonds, drizzling on balsamic vinegar (for a sweet, yet sharp contrast) or raspberry melba, or brushing the sheet with brown sugar. Or you could try using a different vehicle (instead of french bread) to get the melted cheese to your mouth, such as seasoned toast points or crackers.

Enjoy cracking open this delicious gourmet treat, and may the melty brie warm your soul during this long winter!

Baked Brie


1 triangle brie cheese

¼ sheet puff pastry

1 egg

⅛ cup honey

2 tbsp. Craisins

¼ cup walnuts

¼ loaf french bread

Makes 1 serving

Tools Needed

Small bowl, fork, pastry brush, parchment paper, small sheet pan, serrated knife, cutting board, dry measuring utensils


Preheat oven to 4250.

Cut parchment paper to size on the sheet pan. Cut the loaf of french bread into thin rounds.

Place a puff pastry sheet on the prepared pan. Prep the egg wash.

Brush the inside of the puff pastry with the egg wash.

Place the triangle of cheese diagonally on the puff pastry sheet, so that the tip of the cheese is pointing at the top left corner and the round end of the cheese is facing the bottom right corner.

Fold the puff pastry around the cheese, slightly stretching the sheet. Make sure all holes are sealed (pinch the holes closed) and the cheese is completely covered by the puff pastry.

Egg wash the outside of the puff pastry. Place cut rounds on sheet and put in the oven.

Bake for 15 minutes (taking it off the pan after toasted, 3-5 minutes) or until the outside is golden brown.

Meanwhile, measure and prepare other ingredients.

Once finished, take out and let sit 5 minutes; move to a serving plate.

Immediately drizzle on honey and garnish with craisins and walnuts.


*With credit to Chef Liddick of CTC

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