by Ava Morlier, Culinary Arts Writer

Happy January! Missing the sweet flavors of Christmas? Need something to wake you up during these dark and frigid mornings? Try whipping up a Vietnamese egg coffee!

Warm, strong, and delicious, this drink is surprisingly easy to make (you’ll feel like a barista!) and perfect to fight off the January chill.

This strong bitter coffee will keep you going through the day, while the sweet and airy egg cream that tops the coffee (made thick with pasteurized egg yolk) will quell your cravings for pastries of Christmases past. Have leftover pastries from the holidays? Serve them alongside this drink for a cafe worthy meal.

May the sweet egg cream satisfy your taste buds and the warm coffee help you beat the January cold!

Vietnamese-Style Egg Coffee

Ingredients (makes one drink)

1 large pasteurized egg yolk

2 tbsp. condensed milk

½ c. strong, hot coffee

Cinnamon, for dusting

Tools Needed

Bowl, mixer and whisk attachments, spoon, liquid measuring utensils, small narrow glass (ex. tall coffee cup)


Make the egg cream: In a bowl, combine egg yolk and condensed milk. Beat together with the whisk attachment for 4-6 minutes, or until think, airy, and creamy. Set aside.

Pour hot coffee into the glass until liquid is a half an inch from the rim.

Spoon on or pour the egg cream mixture on top of the coffee, filling the cup to the top.

Evenly sprinkle cinnamon over the top of the egg cream and serve.


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