Catoctin High School’s first-ever “Ride your Horse to School Day” was held on Thursday, April 6.

Ava Ganjon, Trinity Spidle, Taylor Knott, and Kylie Putman rode their horses to school as a representation of Catoctin’s Equine Club. Teachers and students were intrigued to see horses at their school, which brought their small Equine Club more attention and, hopefully, more members in the years to come. There are already more people hoping to be involved next year! The students would like to extend a big “Thank You” to DFC Davis and CPL Barrera for escorting them on their safe ride to the high school.

Pictured from left are Kylie Putman riding Cara, Ava Ganjon riding Cody, Taylor Knott riding Snowflake, and Trinity Spidle riding Gucci; (standing in front) morning escorts, CPL Berrera and DFC Davis.

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