Jeremy Johnson, CYA Football & Cheer President

The world of youth sports continues to be a foundation for our community and the future of our next generation. Over the years, there have been both good and not-so-good things that have occurred in youth sports. With that being said, the thing that stands out the most and remains steady and strong is opportunity. There is a tremendous amount of opportunity for the youth to participate, no matter the age, sex, level of skill, or economic status. As part of CYA Football & Cheer, we pride ourselves in opportunity for all.

Over the last year, the launch of Frederick County High School Girls Flag Football has inspired us and motivated a new pilot program within MVYFL (Mountain Valley Youth Football League) to start a Girls Flag Football program for Grades 6-8.

As one of the largest and most successful local youth football associations in the area, MVYFL has the opportunity to develop a feeder girls flag football program for our area high schools. Through our outreach and connections throughout the community, we have a high probability of success for many years to come.

The Girls Flag Football Program’s goals are to promote physical fitness, build self-confidence, foster teamwork, develop leadership skills, offer college opportunities, and challenge gender stereotypes. The league vision allows girls to participate in both cheerleading and flag football.

Starting after Labor Day, the program will have a jamboree-style game day every other weekend through the end of October, with the possibility of a playoff format. The participating MVYFL directors are working diligently to plan and develop the most successful program possible.

Our local leadership at CYA Football & Cheer has also spent countless hours helping to develop this new opportunity for our local youth, as well as the youth of participating MVYFL teams across most of Frederick County.

For further information on the program, please visit and click on registration.

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