Pomme’s Day at the Fair

Pomme Agaçante, Student Ghost Writer

Cows! Free stuff. Baby animals. Delicious treats. How are you not already at our local fairs and shows? You’ve probably seen the signs and advertisements trying to bring people into these wonderful happenings. 

Now, lemme just talk about the best part of these events (at least for me growing up and now). It’s not the amazing foods. I’m talking about the businesses that generously offer freebies at their booths. If you muster up the social courage to go have a peek, you might be greeted by kind staff who simply want to spread their message. That’s great and all, but I’ll say it, I really enjoy the free merch! 

I love fire safety and the little bag of pencils and coloring pages that go with it. I’ll stop, drop, and roll for that free stuff (PLEASE do so in the event of a fire!). Dairy is my favorite food group when I can score a free sample of chocolate milk from the dairy barn, as well as a little cow eraser and fancy pencil sharpener. 

There are so many more free things out there (I’ve even scored a fidget spinner and cup from a certain auto decal place), but you’ll only find out the variety if you seek out the hidden treasures!

You bet I’ll be sporting the latest fashion of rubber bracelets, ranging in cow-pattern black-and-white to rainbow pride bracelets.

Next, I love THE PEOPLE! Crafters, farmers, bakers, and tailors of all different ages never cease to amaze me. The wares created by these talented people inspire me more than Pinterest ever could. I might not have the time to craft at home, but I’ll be hitting up the trailer with the awesome ladies for a fall decoration for home. 

In the baked goods exhibits, the creative cakes certainly make me want to up my birthday cake game. And, all the pastries? They might just turn me into an inspired pastry chef, albeit with a fraction of the talent these exhibitors display. Shout out to you young exhibitors! I, and so many others, are simply wowed by your aptitude to bring amazing things into the world at a young age, ESPECIALLY the art. Breathtaking!

I must admit I’ve been getting into crocheting recently, and seeing the crocheted creations makes me want to bow down to the creators and beg them for lessons. The time it takes to make those items—as well as sewing and quilting done by others—makes me, an impatient youth, weep. I think it’s time for me to learn a lesson in patience for me to even try to measure up to the amazingness of crafters.

Animal therapy, anyone? As a mere student, I pine for any animal that is willing to receive love and affection. I love seeing the animals just vibe: nuzzling, trotting, standing, pooping, gnawing at my clothes…wait a minute! (Yes, I’m a goat lover. You caught me.) I never knew true joy until I saw the fluffy chicks courageously climb up and slide down the long slide into a tiny pool of water. I feel their pain, reaching for the good stuff (corn for them, achievements for me) and having to be exposed to harsh reality (cold water, deadlines), yet boldly climbing up the ladder for another try. You go, lil’ chicks. 

 So…rustle up your family and friends and head out to a local show or a fair! They’re full of entertainment, cute animals, crafters, artists, contests, entertainment, exhibits, and everything in between. I’ll see you there!

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