Deb Abraham Spalding

The Spring Fling event held on May 19, 2018, marked Vigilant Hose Company’s tenth year of hosting it. While this could have become a focus for a special celebration, the Spring Fling took on so many changes this year that the event’s diamond anniversary was almost forgotten in the mix. Most notably, the location changed from muddy fields and stony parking lots at Mount St. Mary’s University to the paved grounds at Vigilant’s own event complex on Creamery Road in Emmitsburg. Also, the size of the grand prize was upgraded to a whopping $10,000.

Over the years, several Spring Flings have featured rain or other weather events which served to make things memorable. This year was no exception. With significant rain days before, and slight rain during, the event, the unfavorable weather created a solid excuse for ‘low’ attendance. It is important to note that there is “no mud” at the new location. The entire event was held on paved ground with the majority of that ground covered with large event tents. Regardless of the weather and conditions, 860 ticket holders checked in at the gate and made this fundraiser a continued success.

Spring Fling is a unique event that has been described as, “going to our local beach where all of our neighbors and friends are partying.” This year’s party included an option to play 25¢ bingo games inside the event building and a new Big 6 Wheel game outside. Both new activities were busy with customers all day.

One of the Spring Fling’s coordinators, Gabe Baker, said, “It’s a good thing it’s where it is now. The community supported us [Vigilant Hose Company] well.”

To view prize winners, please visit Plan now to attend next year’s Spring Fling. Bring sunshine!

A large crowd, undeterred by the rain, enjoyed Spring Fling in Emmitsburg.

Helen Topper sold holders inside the event building during bingo.

Herbie Click worked the slicers to cut meat for sandwiches.

Kathie Stambaugh was thrilled to win at the Spring Fling.

Sue Reaver, Kay Hollinger, and Kim Wivell sold tickets during Spring Fling.

Sandy Umbel and her daughter, Kayla, volunteered during the event.

Kim (left) and Marc Piermatteo (right) worked with Cliffy Shriner at the beverage tent.

Patty Kuykendall, JoAnn Boyd, Tom Ward, and Jenn Stahley kept track of the winners.

This photo shows the set up of Spring Fling at the new location on Creamery Road the day before the event.

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