The much-anticipated annual Vigilant Hose Company Spring Fling was held on Saturday, June 10, 2017, on the grounds of Mount St. Mary’s University. The event featured live music, food, tip jars, games, and prizes. “Our annual Spring Fling was a great success. The weather cooperated, and we hope everyone had a great time again this year. We greatly appreciate the continuous support we receive from our community,” stated member Tim Clarke.

Each year, $30,000 worth of cash and prizes are given away. At 6:00 p.m., all of the prizes that were not assigned to winners were redrawn until a winner was determined. This year’s grand prize winner of $4,000 was Pam Gigous.

Vernon French grilled hot dogs all day during the Spring Fling.

Bobby Ott (center) is shown with TJ Burns and Dave Bunce, enjoying the meal during the event.

Steve Valenine and Tommy Vaughn had the long job of drawing the winning numbers during the Spring Fling; behind them to the right, Patty Kykendall is shown at the computer where winners were identified.

These men (from left), Randy Myers, Herb Click, Vance Click, and Chris Ryder, are a few of those whose job it was to slice and marinate the various meats for the event. Denny Stahley’s yummy barbeque recipe is used for the seasoning.

Vigilant’s Chris Stahley greeted Frederick County’s Chief Alcoholic Beverages Inspector, Harold DeLauter, to the event. This was one of Harold’s last assignments. He retired in late June from a long career in law enforcement and government service. He is also a Vietnam Veteran.

Gloria (Joy) Bauerline and Shannon Boyle fully enjoyed the Spring Fling!

Steve Yingling is a pretty big guy. He took a break from grilling to perch in this huge lawn chair. He mounted the contraption using a step stool. In it, he appeared small.

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