Early in 2022, the Vigilant Hose Company (VHC) formed a committee to replace its aging Aerial Unit, Tower 6, that has served this community faithfully for over 22 years. Shortly after forming the committee and receiving the approximate cost of the endeavor, President Tom Ward kicked off a fundraising campaign to help offset the estimated $1.6 million cost of the replacement Tower 6, due for delivery in October of 2023.

Today, VHC is proud to announce that when it accepts delivery of the new Tower 6, they will be able to push a button and transfer the funds necessary to fully cover the cost of its construction. “It goes without saying we are totally blown away with the outstanding and continued support of our little community, through donations and support for our many fundraising efforts.”  

President Ward, Chief Brotherton, and the entire VHC Board want to express their sincere appreciation for all the hard work the membership and its auxiliary partners endured in achieving this astonishing goal.

“We were hopeful we could supplement a large portion of the cost to minimize the financing of Tower 6; but in our wildest dreams, we never imagined reaching our entire goal before delivery. It speaks volumes of how close-knit this community is and how dedicated they are in support of their own.”

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