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Baton Twirling Holiday Show at Catoctin High School.

The Catoctin-Aires Twirling Corps recently hosted its annual holiday showcase of baton twirling. This marks the group’s 49th year of holiday stage-show programs. The event was held at Catoctin High School.

With over half of the organization as first-year twirlers, the group debuted the following new students with group-stage performances: Kasandra Grimes, August Miller, Cheyanna Sipes, Sydney Topper, Faith Walker, and Georgia Winslow. The group represented a mix of ages, from 4 through 11. Performing their no-drop group routine, the first-timers twirled one baton to the musical selection, “Celebrate.”

Seasoned twirlers of the group were Ruby Elswick, Caitlyn Purdum, and Kelly Reed. This trio performed one, two, and three batons to the musical selection, “Heart of Rock And Roll.” These girls continue twirling with the organization, having had years of experience in the sport.

In addition to the group numbers presented, Kasandra Grimes twirled a one baton and ribbon-stick solo to the song, “Shake It Off.” Caitlyn Purdum brought her one-baton, two-baton, and lighted-baton routine to the song, “Worlds Smallest Violin.”

Rounding out the show and bringing a holiday spirit to the show was Sydney Topper with her one- and two-baton routine to the song, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

Following the entertainment portion of the program, the group presented perfect attendance awards, as well as recognition awards. Kelly Reed was honored with the plaque and pin for having achieved 35 years of consecutive perfect performance attendance. Caitlyn Purdum was recognized with the pin for her achievement of 19 years of consecutive perfect performance attendance.

The trophy for the Most Improved Twirler was presented to Sydney Topper for the greatest improvement as a progression in baton-twirling skills throughout the year. The High Fundraising Award went to the family of Faith Walker for outstanding efforts in fundraising throughout the year. Miss Walker received the High Point Award, as well as a new baton, in recognition of her contributions.

Completing the evening was the crowning of the Queen for 2023. Members of the group voted for one member to represent the group as Queen for 2023. The elected title went to Ruby Elswick, who received the sash and crown. She will be featured in the group’s hometown parade in the coming parade season. Members of the royal court were August Miller and Faith Walker.

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