Over the weekend spanning May 17, 18, and 19, Thurmont Middle School’s stage underwent a captivating metamorphosis into an underwater paradise, where students showcased their talents in the musical production of The Little Mermaid, overseen by theatre teacher, Ms. LaForce.

The production shared the classic Disney story of a young mermaid (Ariel), played by Alaina Furry (8th grade), who longs to visit the surface, which her father, Triton, played by Mang Dal (8th grade), has forbidden. After falling in love with a human Prince Eric, played by Evan Laird (6th grade), Ariel makes a terrible deal with an octopus-like creature named Ursula, played by Lillian Kimbrough (7th grade), who takes her beautiful voice. As the adventure unfolds, Ariel is helped by her underwater friends, Sebastian, played by David Ofari (8th grade), and Flounder, played by Myah Snider (6th grade). On land, Ariel is joined by Scuttle, a comical seagull, played by Lea Frecker (8th grade). The production ends with Ariel and Prince Eric being reunited and living happily ever after.

Throughout the production, dancers and supporting characters filled the stage, wearing beautiful costumes, as they danced and sang songs from the popular movie.

Furry dedicated six months to perfecting the songs for her starring role as Ariel, and her efforts truly paid off. Her voice captivated the audience as she performed melodies such as “Part of Your World.” Kimbrough fully embodied her character, delivering a powerful rendition of the beloved “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” which proved to be a favorite among the audience.

This was the first performance for Laird, who went to auditions expecting to get a supporting role and was surprised when he got the role of Prince Eric.

“I learned that hard work and effort can make a great thing. It’s kind of like sports, you have to work hard and support each other like a team,” said Laird.

Furry said, “She loved getting to know other cast members better and seeing new friendships form. The entire cast was supportive of each other.” As she makes plans to head to high school, her advice to others is “Always audition—you never know your potential if you never try!”

Alaina Furry (Ariel), Lillan Kimbrough (Ursula), and AnnaBelle Fouche and Julian Jandres (Flotsam and Jetsam) act out a scene in Thurmont Middle School’s recent production, The Little Mermaid.

David Ofori (Sebastian) and Rylan Roberts (Chef Louis) perform for the crowd.

Students helped set the backdrop with their beautiful costumes.

Jake Taylor (Grimsby) and Evan Laird (Prince Eric) during a scene of Thurmont Middle School’s production of The Little Mermaid.

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