65th-Seasons-of-Baseball-CoIn the spring of 2016, Thurmont Little League (TLL) will be celebrating its 65th season of baseball. To help celebrate this exciting year of baseball, they asked their TLL families to share with them in ten words or less: “What Does Thurmont Little League Mean to You?” Below is what they had to say.

“Pretty much life, because I love baseball.” —Bryont Green, player.

“Friends, family, mentors, teachers, role models . . . all wrapped into one.” — Dylan and Tracey Jessee, player and parent.

“Seeing the development of all the kids over the years.” —Jason Moore, coach.

“TLL provides the invaluable opportunity for family and friends to nurture a sense of pride, commitment, and community.” —Mark and Tammy Tingler, coach and parent.

“TLL is a place where kid’s dreams can come true.” —Melissa Kinna, parent.

“Lots of fun enjoying the excitement of baseball.” —Aiden Mayne, player.

“It represents my community and that makes me want to do my best.” —Matthew Tingler, player.

“TLL has made me realize how fun baseball is!” —Justin Mehall, player.

“Smiles on the kids’ faces when friends compete against each other.” —Jen Moore, parent.

“I love baseball and making new friends. It makes me happy.” —Brady Davis, player.

“The best place to play baseball.” —Wyatt Kinna.

“Learning skills while making lifetime memories with friends.” —Trish Hahn, parent.

“Meeting new friends and making good memories.” —Nate Marsh, player.

“TLL is community: fun, friends, and baseball family in a small town!” —Kate Gray, player.

“I like the life lessons and memories being made.” —Karen Morris, parent.

“Learning and growing to be the best I can be.” —Jordan Moore, player.

“Making memories with friends while sharing the love of the game.” —Stacey Mayne, parent.

“Great opportunity to interact with other families in our community.” —Erik and Laura Krauss, coach and parent.

“An organization that has made Thurmont feel like home for our family.” —Kathleen Davis, parent.

“I love TLL because I love to play baseball.” —Colton Gray, player.

“…the boys are all so supportive of each other. I think that says a lot about our program.” —Cara McMannis, parent.

“I like the growth by the league and what it’s done for my boys.” —Phil Morris, coach.

“It’s not just baseball; it’s learning character and building life lessons.” —Layla Watkins, parent.

“Forming great relationships with people in our community.” —Dana Marsh, parent.

“Being with friends and it’s just plain fun.” —Payton Morris, player.

“In today’s busy, high tech world, it’s simplicity and tradition.” —Heather Burke, parent.

“TLL means being part of One Big Family.” —Dawn Cevario, parent.

“…it is not just about learning a sport, but learning about patience, consistency, and respect for others.” —Dave Shipton, coach.

“Inspires you to reach your goals.” – Gavin Watkins, player.

“Great opportunity for young children in the community to have fun.” —Dawn Fisher, parent.

“It means family, friendship, fun, sportsmanship and our home away from home.”—Kara Castellow, parent.

“TLL is learning about baseball and getting the chance to play baseball with your friends.” —Matin Donnelly, player.

“TLL is where memories are made, players become friends, and coaches become kids again.” — Ryan and Tammy Ferrell, parents and coach.

“TLL is our home away from home.” —Lisa Lowry, parent.

“Everything; it is good!” —Evan Morris, player.

“The place where you have fun.” —Ben Krauss, player.

“TLL has helped me learn the game and have FUN through some tough years of my life.” —Noland Kinna, player.

“Class act organization and very rewarding to coach and see youth grow on and off the field.” —Craig Mayne, coach.

“Competitive, fun, and I get to play with my friends.” —Dylan Wangness, player.

“Good friends, having fun, enjoying the game, and making memories.” —Debbi Burke, parent.

“Fun, baseball, teamwork, and friends.” —Peyton Castellow, player.

“TLL means having a place to spend countless hours with my son.” —Brent Reynolds, coach.

“TLL means being able to have fun and play a game of baseball with my friends.” —Kyleigh Donnelly, player.

“Fun environment to learn and share with kids and adults.” —Wayne Watkins, coach.

“Community, friendships, and family, all rolled up into one. The experience is UNRIVALED.” —Ed Lowry, coach and president.

“Playing the game I love with my friends.” —Dylan “Pip” Cevario, player.

“Family friendly and fun for the whole family.” —Kiley Gray, parent.

“TLL has been a great experience for our family…it’s been about being part of a community that comes together and forms lasting friendships.” —Brooke Kovalcik, parent.

“Concession stand, friends, games, wall ball, and playing around.” —Keiten Castellow, player.

“At TLL, my boys have fallen in love with the game of baseball, built friendships, and have learned the meaning of being part of a community.” —Nick Kinna, parent.

“TLL is the best place to run the bases with friends.”—Mason Ferrell, player.

“Baseball, friends, small town community, coaching, life-long lessons, memories.” —Tim Castellow, coach.

“TLL is a place where the community comes together to support the movement of children learning about baseball and developing and maintaining lifelong friendships.” —Missy Donnelly, parent.

“TLL means… Learning America’s pastime from a great bunch of volunteers!” —Blaine Young, volunteer.


Registration for the TLL 2016 spring season is NOW OPEN until Tuesday March 1, 2016. Online registration is available at their website at www.TLLbaseball.com. Players for Thurmont, Sabillasville, Emmitsburg, Rocky Ridge, Woodsboro, Taneytown, and Union Bridge are welcome to register.

Come be a part of the Little League experience. All games are played in-house at the Thurmont Little League Complex, which provides families the convenience of not having to travel around the county during school nights for games.

The TLL is looking forward to seeing your player on the Little League Ball Fields. Feel free to call Ed Lowry with questions at 267-664-5059 or email thurmontbaseball@hotmail.com.


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