On Monday, April 10, Thurmont Grange No. 409 hosted its annual Community Citizen Dinner. Each year, the Grange recognizes an individual or group who strives to make a difference by giving back to our community. This year, Jon Barton, general manager of Roy Rogers in Thurmont, was the honoree.

 Although Jon is not from Thurmont, he has made this town his home.  Jon grew up in the small town of Hinsdale, New York, and went on to graduate from Mercyhurst University for Business Management. It was at a job fair hosted by Mercyhurst University that he first heard of Roy Rogers. They offered him an assistant manager position, and he moved to Maryland to start his career. Jon has now been with the company for 17 years, spending most of that time at the Thurmont location, where for the last 8 years, he has been the general manager. 

Jon epitomizes Roy Rogers’ mission to give back to the community. In the last year alone, Jon, along with the amazing Thurmont Roy Rogers’ staff, has helped 35 local organizations raise $35,596.42. Not only does Roy’s donate 25 percent of sales to organizations during their fundraiser nights, Jon also allows organizations to display their current fundraiser and event information, have bake sales, and hold meetings and sign-up events. Jon takes it a step further by freezing leftover food and donating it to the Thurmont Food Bank. This is vital to those whose living situation may only provide them with access to a microwave or their physical condition makes it difficult for them to cook for themselves. Even on a personal level, Jon is giving back to the community by being a manager, coach, and board member for the Thurmont Little League. 

Representatives from several organizations who have benefited from Jon’s generosity, including the Thurmont Food Bank, Thurmont Little League, Catoctin Safe and Sane, and The Thurmont Senior Center, spoke about all the wonderful things Jon has done to support them. In addition, Jon’s family, local Roy Rogers staff members, and those from the cooperate office also had so many great things to say about him. It is obvious that Jon Barton has made a positive difference in our community, and he is well-deserving of Thurmont Grange’s Community Citizen of the Year Award.

Jon Barton is pictured with Thurmont Grange President Niki Eyler.

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