Foodies You Will Meet In Life

by Buck Reed

You may already know that there are foodies out there. These people basically consider food as not only a staple in life but sometimes as life itself. What you may not know is there are different types of foodies out there in our world, and although some are very easy to get along with, most are somewhat of a pain. Of course, given the many types, the ones who take it over the top tend to be the irritating ones.

The Food Addict

This foodie is obsessed with food. They don’t care where their next meal is coming from or even what it is, they just need to know it is happening soon. They are the reason gas stations sell snacks—and so many different kinds—but truth be known, they could sell just one kind of sweet roll or bag of chips and these foodies are buying it. When they get hungry, it is best to stop and let them get something or you could lose a finger.

The Connoisseur

This foodie knows all the best dishes at any given restaurant and is more than happy to express that opinion to you. Most of the time, they are correct in their guidance and can actually steer you toward some pretty good dishes. The downfall is that they will tell you what time of day is best to get a sandwich at the fast-food window.

The Picky Eater

As long as they keep it to themselves, this foodie can be fairly harmless. Unfortunately, they seldom do. They are more than happy to inform the waitstaff how their steak should be cooked or how to season their food. Worst case is when they want to argue on why they cannot substitute their French fries for more shrimp. There is a reason the kitchen workers count the shrimp on your plate and odds are, this foodie is counting as well!

The Plate Partaker

This foodie can actually be very easy to deal with if they communicate their desire to share your meals between each other. But they need to either be paired with another partaker or have developed a relationship with someone to the point where they can convert them to their way of life. You can tell a happy couple of partakers for their ability to immediately trade half their sandwich with each other—a truer act of love may exist, but I do not know of it. Yet, when paired with the next foodie, nothing but disaster can result.

The Territorial Foodie

This must be a throwback to a time when cave people struggled to get their calorie up to par and sharing food was not really a luxury. Today, these genes are enacted in people who refuse to share their meal with anyone. Yes, I will share my life, my money, my love, my car…but hands off my shrimp scampi! Better to find out on the first date before you end up married to a person who is going to stab you with a fork for touching their leftover chicken parmesan.

As with most aspects of life, it is best to know who you are dealing with when you sit down to eat with someone. I am honestly surprised a world war was never started over not knowing the eating habits of who you are eating with. I suggest studying the Art of War before you dine with someone.

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