BY Terry Pryor

Writer, Poet, Life Coach, and Student of the Mind

Note: This is the ninth month of action described in a series of motivational articles. Take some time each month to complete these action items, and you’ll see a “New You” emerge. Enjoy!

Power Action #9: Your Own Reality TV Show

This amazingly powerful process is one in which you can involve the whole family. The more energy focused on the perfect you (and more than one family member can strive to become the best “you” they can), the better. Think about it. Your family definitely has an interest in your perfection. If you’re happy and prosperous, everyone else benefits too. No one enjoys a “grump” arriving home every evening, complaining about his or her day, wishing things were better and having no energy to enjoy the evening with the rest of the family.

Here’s how you can get everyone involved and have fun at the same time. Create your own reality TV show by getting a large piece of cardboard—your new TV screen—or even one for each person. Collect newspapers, magazines, and catalogs you get in the mail. Choose pictures (or draw) and words that exemplify what you want your life to contain when you reach perfection.

What will you do with that perfect income as a family? Go on family vacations, find the new house, build a swimming pool in the backyard, buy a boat for weekend getaways, plan a trip to someplace new, even a trip around the world!

Find those pictures or words and put them on your new TV screen.

Kids can place their own desires on their very own picture board. They may envision a new bike, computer, tent and camping equipment, soccer camp—whatever they want—they can cut out the pictures and place them on their own picture board. Include empowering words cut from newspaper headlines, magazines, and catalogs.

I guarantee that once you begin this exercise, ideas will flow and grow.

Kids are great at this! There are no individuals more faith-filled than children. We can learn much from them. Have your children find or draw pictures of what it means to them for you to find the perfect you, and you do the same for them. This might mean a picture of eating breakfast with family; coming home each evening smiling with energy to spare for playing a game of catch; or even driving a cool, new car. If each evening you all bring out your magazines, catalogs, and photos to create your picture boards, the air will begin to thicken with joy, anticipation, and faith. As a family, you will begin to create powerful experiences and habits that will change your lives. This version of a reality show is bound to bring you all closer together. Forget the nightly zoning-out in front of the tube. Get out your picture boards and create the lives you want. What a gift to give a child. What a gift to give to yourself.


I have unlimited choices about what I think. The right choices for me come easily. The Universe supports every thought I choose to think and believe. I choose harmony; I choose happiness; I choose abundance and prosperity.

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