BY Terry Pryor

Writer, Poet, Life Coach, and Student of the Mind

Note: This is the sixth month of action described in a series of motivational articles. Take some time each month to complete these action items, and you’ll see a “New You” emerge. Enjoy!

Power Action #6: “D” Day

This month, every day is “D” day: D for determination; D for daredevil; D for dazzle, desire, and deliriously optimistic; D for dialing; D for drumming up business!

Today, you get on the phone. This activity is called networking and should be viewed as something akin to a political campaign. Whether you’re seeking a new job, selling a business venture, or scoring new friends, you need to be revved up for success.

Ever seen a grumpy, tired politician out stomping the trail or one with a defeatist attitude? Nope. They are pumped and ready for action. Politicians are in it to win it and project that winning attitude all the time. They hit the ground running, flash those charismatic smiles, shake those hands while looking people squarely in the eye, and hug those babies as if they were their own. They have a game plan and they are working it.

This day is for making everyone on your list aware that you are making changes; that the lifestyle you held previously is no longer a challenge, and you are seeking to use skills you have not previously been able to use to your full potential or you need a referral for someone.

While you may be tempted to use email to get in touch with your contact list, I strongly urge you not to. First, you want to have your contacts hear that wonderfully strong and powerful voice and head off at the pass any notion that you may be depressed or full of complaints.

Second, regardless of the wonderful technology and ease of email communication, email communiqués run the risk of being misinterpreted or dumped into the spam folder. Yours is too important a message to take any chances of misinterpretation or getting lost on its way to your contact. You may not be selling anything in your networking. You may just be supporting your friends and, in doing so, becoming a better human for yourself.

Third, the spontaneity of a phone call has a better chance of receiving the spontaneity of a positive response, particularly with those people with whom you are not in constant communication. You really want the surprise factor on your side.

Often, what we refer to as gut feelings, hunches, or messages from the Universe are prompted by a spontaneous remark or action. During a spontaneous phone conversation, there’s little time for the mind to interfere by laying down its rules and structures—something the mind loves to do.

You’re ON!

Today, you are going to use that wonderful personality of yours to your advantage. In part, your personality is how others perceive you. Your personality is something you develop over time. That makes it somewhat harder to change spontaneously. Just like we do not have to tell our hearts to beat, we do not have to get up each day and tell ourselves to have a personality. It’s always there ready and waiting for us to use in our interaction with others.

You are definitely going to be interacting today. Since we each have our unique way of communicating our personality, I am hesitant to write your phone script for you. You do need one, however, so I have provided some guidelines to go along with your original way of delivering them. Your script should contain: (1) a cheery hello and introduction; (2) asking the person you’ve called if it’s a good time to talk; (3) the reason for calling—networking for a job, looking for a new place to live, need a referral for something, or checking in on a friend; (4) a request to keep his or her eyes and ears open for you or your promise of the same for the person you’ve called; (5) your contact information; (6) a request for the person’s contact information if you are missing something—don’t forget email address; (7) a request for permission to email if you need to do so; (8) a sincere thank you.

Now, how do you say, “I’m out of a job, can you help?” or “I have an idea for a business. Can I bounce it off you?” or “I’ve been thinking about you and wanted to reach out to see how you’re doing.”

Consider lines something like this: “I am exploring new frontiers in finding a new job.”; “I have much more to offer than my last job allowed, and it’s liberating to be free to look;” “I now have the opportunity to find a job that is more of a match for my skill set;” “I’ve been thinking about you.”

Whatever you decide to use, make sure that it empowers you and supports your positive state of mind.

This day is going to be wildly productive and you are about to be positively amazing! Think of all the networking you will be initiating today. The ball will be rolling after that first call and that life change for you will be closer than ever.

Power Affirmations to Your Perfect Life

Affirmations are great. They remind us of what we want and what we don’t want. Below are some to use or modify to your purpose.

1. The past is over. I have no control over what used to be. I am free to create a new future and a new reality—one that brings me joy, prosperity, and happiness. I am in charge. I move forward with confidence and trust in my abilities. I am a powerful, mighty oak.

2. Today, I free myself from fear. I dismiss anything that would hold me back from my birthright of happiness, abundance, and prosperity. I am a perfect and magnificent being capable of astounding things.

3. Today, I allow nothing to concern me. I am free to create. My future is positively glorious, and I relax in the knowledge that all is well in my world. I say, “Get out of here” to all negative thoughts and feelings. No person or thing has any power over me. I am fearless.

4. My future is positively glorious! All is well in my world, and joyful people and experiences surround me. My perfect future is already moving toward me. My perfect future contains all that I love to do.

5. My mind is a rich and fertile garden. I now plant incredible ideas to help me create the perfect life for myself. I am smart, savvy, and possess the skills others seek. I am open to receiving new avenues of income.

6. I am deserving of all that is good and prosperous. I am an unlimited being in an unlimited Universe with an unlimited imagination for all things good. All things good find their way to me easily. I am inspired to clearly see all my options and to choose only those that allow me to be the person I am meant to be.

7. I am creating brand new habits. These habits replace any negative or fear-filled thought patterns that I have hung onto. I am now a magnet for all things good and empowering.

8. Each moment presents another opportunity for me to change. Today, I am open to wonderful, new, and exciting opportunities. I see myself in my new job, successful and thriving. I move beyond past limitations in thought and action.

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