by Ana Morlier, The Crazy Plant Lady

“Helping You Find Plants That Work”

Happy February, everyone! Finally, a month with an exciting holiday—Valentine’s Day—is upon us. I’m sure other columns in the Banner have helped you get an idea of how you want to celebrate this holiday, from setting up the perfect meal to the perfect date! Now, it’s my turn to help you with the gifting aspect of the holiday. Here are three Valentine’s Day plant crafts. These witty and elegant crafts will have your loved ones saying, “I do (love you and your crafting skills)!”

1. Pun-y Planters

Materials needed: Paints, flower pots (small to medium size, any composition), dirt, and plants as recommended below.

Instructions: Plant your favorite succulents in small pots. Paint the exterior of the pots with cute messages (some ideas are listed below).

For succulent plants (including aloe vera, barrel cactus, crown of thorns, flaming Katy, jade plant, and the Easter cactus, to name a few):

I’m a succ-er for you!

Aloe you vera much

You had me at aloe

I love hangin’ with you!

Our love is unbe-leaf-able!

(Any prickly cacti) I’m stuck on you!

Lookin’ sharp!

You grow, girl!

Puns for moss (including moss balls, glittering wood moss, plume moss, and American tree moss, to name a few. Moss usually requires low/indirect sunlight levels and may require acidic soil. Check product information or ask employees at your local greenhouse):

You are my moss favorite person!

You are moss-some!

Creeping Jenny—I love hangin’ with you!

Any leafy plant—So very frond of you!

My love blooms for you!

2. Heart Topiary

Materials needed: Any long-vine plant varieties (such as the creeping Jenny, English ivy, string of hearts, or string of buttons), strong twine or wire (that can stand on its own), dirt, a medium-sized pot, and string.

Instructions: After planting your chosen flora in a pot, twist your twine into a heart shape. Put each end deep into the dirt, ensuring that it can stand up independently. Next, wind your plant’s tendrils around the heart shape. You may need to tie tendrils with a thin string.

Make sure to secure the tendrils tight enough to hold the vine in place but not cut off the “circulation” of the plant. Once finished, present your elegant creation to your loved one!

3. Heart-felt Mobile

Materials needed: (4) Air plants, string (preferably in pink, purple, white, or red.), foam, felt, cardstock, wooden dowel (see modification below), hot glue gun/sticks.

Extras: Photos, puns, positive affirmations, and love notes written or glued on cardstock. Foam/felt cut-out hearts.

Instructions: Cut four (or more) lengths of string (5-7 inches) for each of your air plants. Make each string a different length and try for two or more colors of string. Tie your air plants to the end of each string, securing firmly. Next, add extras mentioned above along the length of each string segment. Once added, secure each string to a long rod (a dowel rod is preferred; however, you can also glue strong cardboard strips together and cover the exterior with foam). Tie, then hot glue each string to the rod (for extra security!). Finally, tie then hot glue a long string on each end of the rod to act as a hanger for the mobile. Your mobile is ready to “hang around” and brighten the space of your amour!

I hope these crafts will bring joy to you and your loved ones! These crafts seem daunting to make at first, but when completed with patience and love, you’ll find the inner creative genius within (and impress your valentine while you’re at it).

Don’t forget to show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day. Take some time to practice self-care in addition to bonding with your loved ones. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance, lovely Banner Readers!

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