Frederick County’s Office of Sustainability and Environmental Resources launched the FY18 Septic Rebate program on April 5, and it has proven to be very successful, with over 150 approved applicants within three months after the launch. The program’s early success would not have been possible without county outreach efforts, along with the support of the permitted septic haulers and the farm bureau, all working together to promote the program.

The FY19 Septic Pump-Out Rebate Program will again target homeowners with a septic system by offering the $75.00 rebate every five years. Rebates will be available for homeowners who have their septic systems pumped-out, beginning in 2018. The offer will continue until funds are no longer available.

A properly maintained septic system benefits property owners in several ways and will be less likely to break down and require costly repairs. Maintaining a septic system protects the home investment. When selling a home, the septic system must be in good working order. Maintaining a septic system also protects the groundwater and the drinking water supply.

Learn more about the Pump-Out Rebate Program or download an application at or contact Linda Williamson at 301-600-1741 or

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