James Rada, Jr.

While the stories of war are usually told from the perspective of the big picture—the generals, the strategies, the armies—Frederick County may soon have a museum dedicated to telling the stories of the Veterans who are seen only as numbers in the big picture.

“I think there will be a lot of interest in stories of the local men who were there,” Priscilla Rall said.

The Frederick Military Museum of the 20th Century is the brainchild of Priscilla Rall, a Rocky Ridge resident who worked for years documenting the stories of Frederick County Veterans as part of the Frederick County Veterans History Project.

“We want to be a museum built around the voices of Veterans,” said Rall. “Every exhibit will be from their view and will tell their stories. We have five guys in Frederick County who came ashore on D-Day. What was that like? What did they see? What did they do?”

Rall explained that besides the exhibits, there will also be a research area and a lending library of military books. She is also currently lining up experts to give monthly lectures at the museum. In addition, she sees hosting booksigning and art shows tied to the military.

The non-profit museum seeks to educate visitors about the Frederick County Veterans who fought in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf Wars. 

The more than 300 Veteran interviews in the Frederick County Veterans History Project will be the foundation of the museum. These were conducted over years and video-recorded for the most part.

“It was therapeutic for many of the Veterans to tell their stories,” Rall said.

In addition, the museum organizers have pictures, letters, and other ephemera from local Veterans.

The current goal of the organizers is to find a location in downtown Frederick for the museum.

If you would like to participate in helping the museum grow, email fmm20c@gmail.com or call 301-271-2868.

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