Pivot Physical Therapy’s Emmitsburg clinic recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, a proud moment for the office and the employees, who have become a staple of the community.

The clinic has been at the same location, at 17750 Creamery Road, Suite B7 in Emmitsburg, the entire time. The two familiar faces, Carol Krietz, who works in the front office greeting patients, and Dawn Krietz, a physical therapy assistant, have been there since day one. Another employee has worked there for four years.

Being part of the community matters. Patients often need physical therapy while they are recovering from an injury, or they have some type of chronic discomfort. They are looking to return to health or regain as much pain-free movement as possible. As a result, they don’t want to travel far. They want to see a familiar face. They want the experience to be comfortable, so they can be comfortable.

Over the years, the Emmitsburg Pivot office has helped some 3,000 patients—a remarkable number and a testament to the quality of care the clinic provides.

In fact, this particular office provides several unique offerings, including geriatric functional screen, a wellness program, dry needling, a concussion program, FMS (Functional Movement Screen) testing, and more. Below are descriptions of two of the unique offerings at the Emmitsburg Pivot office.

Geriatric functional screen: This 15-item examination was created by the world-renowned Carol Lewis, a private practitioner and consulting clinical specialist for Pivot Physical Therapy, who received the highest honor bestowed by the American Physical Therapy Association: the Mary McMillan Lecturer Award. The screening tests an individual’s static and dynamic balance, posture, flexibility, and static and dynamic strength and endurance. Each of the tests is based on age-related norms established by Carol that can benchmark where the patient is functionally, and where they can improve.

Dry Needling: Dry Needling is a physical therapy technique that decreases pain in the muscles. This is a western medicine approach; it is not acupuncture. The goal, as musculoskeletal specialists, is to restore normal muscle and joint function. Importantly—and one of the reasons this clinic is of such importance to the local community—dry needling is not available across the state line in nearby Pennsylvania. Pivot’s Emmitsburg clinic is one of the few locations in the area that can do dry needling.

But being part of the community goes beyond just offering important services. The people in this clinic actively support community events. For example, team members have participated at the Emmitsburg Community Day, joined the Emmitsburg Health Fair, and collected money to wear jeans and pink for Breast Cancer in October.

The clinic also consistently treats patients from the local Mount St. Mary’s athletic teams. They even get into the team spirit, attending several Mount St. Mary’s games each year to support the school and athletes.

Pivot Physical Therapy’s Emmitsburg clinic is proud to celebrate its 10th anniversary at the same location, and they look forward to being a part of the community (and serving members of the community) for at least ten more.

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