The P.A.K.N. Program (Police and Kids Night) is a free drop-in cooperative between the Thurmont Police Department and the Frederick County Division of Parks and Recreation. This is a fun opportunity for youth ages 11-17 to play pick-up basketball, soccer, kickball, flag football, or just hang out with friends. It’s a place to interact with the Thurmont Police officers in a relaxed atmosphere. Located in the Thurmont Recreation Center (the county-run Recreation Center in the gym of Thurmont Middle School), this activity is held every third Thursday of the month. The next P.A.K.N. drop-in will be held February 19, from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

“We have a great program, we need to spread the word to community members,” said Carrie Sprinkle, Recreation Coordinator with Frederick County Parks and Recreation.

Thurmont’s Police Chief Greg Eyler said, “The program is a way we, the police, can interact and meet many of the kids in town. We believe the program will be beneficial for us and the kids and it promotes our community policing efforts. There are many programs and activities for the kids.  We wanted to provide a more personal one where the kids could see that their police officers have a different side to them, not just the official side. The police department and the Frederick County Division of Parks and Recreation believe in this program, and we are hopeful that attendance will increase.  Interaction and communicating with the citizens, no matter what age, is of utmost importance. It builds a foundation of trust, which is one of our goals.”

Just drop in and have some fun! Call 301-600-2936 with any questions.

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