Charmane Nesbitt

The Catoctin High School Cougars placed second in the State during the Interscholastic Unified Track and Field State High School Invitational in May.  All season, they worked hard preparing for this day.

Heat results for the 100-meter run include: 1st place—Destiny Knestout, Max Bingman, Nathan Schwartzbeck; 2nd place—Savannah Smith-Sanchez; 3rd place—David Toddes.

Placing first in the 200-meter run were Kaleb Welch and Jordan Kaas.

Kimberly Shields placed second in the 400-meter run.

The shot put division winners are as follows: 1st place—Kaleb Welch; 2nd place—Max Bingman, Cecelia Bosche, and Nathan Schwartzbeck; 3rd place—Caleigh Laprad.

The javelin flight winners include: 1st place—Savannah Gillis, Riley Flick, and Kimberly Shields; 2nd place—David Toddes; 3rd place—Jordan Kaas, Destiny Knestout, and Savannah Smith-Sanchez.

In the running long jump event, Tierney Monaghan placed second.

The 4 x 400 relay team: Caleigh Laprad, Jordan Kaas, Kimberly Shields, and David Toddes placed second.

The 4 x 100 relay team:  Savannah Smith-Sanchez, Nathan Schwartzbeck, Cecelia Bosche, and Kaleb Welch placed first.

The Cougars were awesome, giving their personal best and showing good sportsmanship! Great job, Team. We celebrate your second place finish in the state!

CHS Unified Track and Field team with coaches Charmane Nesbitt and Guy Nesbitt.

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