by James Rada, Jr.

December 1921, 100 Years Ago

Lookout Tower At Pen-Mar

The joint contract between the Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania and the Chesapeake and Potomac Company of Maryland and the forestry departments of the two States for the equipment and use of Mt. Quirauk, near Pen-Mar Park, as an observation forest fire tower and for the connecting of the two telephone systems mentioned has been signed and an order given to the Waynesboro exchange to proceed at once with the line construction.

                                          – Catoctin Clarion, December 1, 1921

Want New State Road

Residents of Hauvers and Mechanicstown districts want the State Roads Commission to take over the road running from Thurmont to Blue Ridge Summit. Delegations from these districts appeared before the Board of County Commissioners yesterday and urged the members to use their influence in having the road made into a state highway.

Dr. Morris Birely, Thurmont, and Dr. Victor Cullen, of the State Sanitarium, Sabillasville, spokesmen for the delegation, urged upon the commissioners the importance of the highway. It is part of the main highway from Washington and Baltimore to Pen-Mar and also to the State Sanitarium, it was shown. It is used very largely, especially during the summer months, by tourists from Washington and Baltimore traveling to and from Pen-Mar or the State Sanitarium, is was claimed.                                         

                                          – Catoctin Clarion, December 15, 1921

December 1946, 75 Years Ago

2 Gunmen Stage County Holdup

Two gunmen held up the Grand View service station about midway between Thurmont and Emmitsburg, around 11 o’clock Friday night and escaped with approximately $40 in cash. State Police were informed.

                                          – Frederick Post, December 23, 1946

Dog Bites Boy

Little Joey Harbaugh, young son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Harbaugh, Thurmont, had the misfortune to be bitten in the eye by a neighborhood dog while visiting his aunt, Mrs. Louise C. Kelly, recently. He was given immediate first aid by Mrs. Kelly while awaiting the arrival of Dr. M. F. Birely. It was found that the sight was not injured, but several stitches were necessary to close the wound around the eye.

                                          – Frederick Post, December 16, 1946

December 1971, 50 Years Ago

Cub Scouts Sing For Senior Citizens

Cub Scouts from Den One and Den Two had a fun-filled evening on Tuesday as they sang Christmas carols to local residents and then stopped for a visit at the Senior Citizens Center, where the traditional holiday dinner was under way. As the Senior Citizens continued to enjoy their delicious meal, the young Cubs sang some of their Christmas favorites.                                            

                                          – Emmitsburg Chronicle, December 21, 1971

Tourist Council Discusses Program

The Catoctin Mountain Tourist Council held its monthly membership meeting at Charnita on December 16. After a very delightful meal, Council President Don Currier called the meeting to order. Mr. Currier’s main topic of discussion was the Council’s proposed program for 1972.

                                          – Emmitsburg Chronicle, December 30, 1971

December 1996, 25 Years Ago

Streets and Transportation Committee Presses for Solution to Intersection Hazards

State Highway Administration representative John Concannon met with the Streets and Transportation Committee November 20 to discuss the results of the recent SHA traffic survey and steps to a solution to the perceived hazards at the Silo Hill Road and Route 140 intersection.

According to Concannon, traffic volume through the intersection only partially meets the SHA mandated criteria for the installation of a traffic signal.

                          – The Emmitsburg Regional Dispatch, December 1996

Residents Give Commissioners an Earful at Town Meeting

“I think it’s ludicrous” and “You’re opening a can of worms” were some of the phrases heard at Monday night’s Town Meeting during the spirited discussion concerning the proposed Noise Ordinance 96-11.

Following the discussion, Mayor Carr said he felt the mandate was clear and recommended the council withdraw the ordinance. The commissioners voted 3-0 in favor of withdrawing it. Commissioner Gingell abstained. He told the council he was sorry he ever brought up the idea of a noise ordinance, which he hoped would help curtail truck and vehicle noise. “We started 5 years ago and we haven’t gotten anywhere with it. Truck and vehicle noise is not even mentioned in this latest ordinance.”

                          – The Emmitsburg Regional Dispatch, December 1996

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