Congrats To My Son

I want to recognize and congratulate my son, Chad Thompson, for winning the scratch singles bowling in Pennsylvania, with a scratch set of 793 for three games.

There were approximately 3,200 bowlers to compete from the whole state of Pennsylvania.

Chad has been bowling for 20 years and has approximately eleven 300 and ten 800 sets. When he was a youth bowler until the age of 20, he bowled in PJBT, which is Pennsylvania Junior Bowlers Tour. He has bowled in three junior gold tournaments in Indiana and Las Vegas, with the best 2,000 youth bowlers in the country competing. He has been on people-to-people bowling in Australia, New Zealand, and Austria as a youth bowler.

Now, he is a active member of the PBA and bowled in a few regionals tournaments. The cost and lack of sponsorship has kept him from bowling in them anymore. He bowled in college at Shippensburg University and Robert Morris University in Peoria, Illinois. This is a big achievement in his bowling career. He averages a 230 in league bowling. He did win two PBA sports shot leagues at Turner’s Dual Lanes in Hagerstown a few years ago.

Chad bowls at Sunshine Lanes. Sunshine Lanes owners, Shawn and Robin Reed, are his bowling ball drillers, and John Carter of CBI Pro Shop, provides his bowling ball repairs and service.

~ Richard Thompson

Thank You For Being So Kind

My name is Linda Meadows, and I am new to Emmitsburg. My daughter Sarah and I entered the Six of Hearts raffle at the Vigilant Hose Company station on July 2. My soon-to-be-three-year-old grandson, Max, was with us. A couple of the firemen asked if Max would like to sit in the trucks! They also gave him a volunteer fire Jr. hat and let him ring the bell!

They were so kind. Max was all smiles. I wanted to thank the Vigilant Hose Fire Company for being so kind.

~ Linda Meadows

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