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Part 2: Consistency Is Key

As you may have read in last month’s edition, I wrote that I have found my path to healing with Dr. Lo’s Nutritional Response Testing at The Nutritional Healing Center in Frederick. 

When I wrote last month’s article, I had completed six visits with Dr. Lo and had learned that my health revival was simply learning to open my body’s energy pathways with proper nutrition.

Dr. Lo had declared, “You’re blocked!” at every appointment except that sixth appointment.

Leaving that appointment, I incorrectly felt that I had mastered the process since I was not blocked anymore. I thought I was healed! I had achieved the coveted “Unblocked” status! 

While that should have meant that I now knew how to eat properly, how to avoid things my body did not like, and how to avoid or minimize ingestion and exposure to toxins, in my brain, I was telling myself that I had “been there and done that!” Subconsciously, I thought I had achieved the outcome, so now I could go back to my old ways of eating.

And I did! I went right back to ingesting the stuff I knew I shouldn’t, including having some alcoholic beverages that are true poison to my body. I also assumed that the next step in the process at Dr. Lo’s office was chiropractic care. After all, chiropractic adjustments are important to keep our energy pathways open, right?

At my seventh appointment, much to my dismay, Dr. Lo said, “You’re blocked.” Then, he told me that I DID NOT NEED a chiropractic adjustment.

What? That surprised me. After all, I had been seeking chiropractic adjustments for my back pain for years. I just assumed I would start a chiropractic “section” of the program. Turns out, there isn’t a chiropractic “section” or progression.

Achieving the unblocked status wasn’t like the sun shining brightly after a rough storm, it was the sun peeping out for a millisecond during the rough storm. What a tease!

 And I soon learned that if I don’t need chiropractic (Dr. Lo asks my body, and it answers via Nutritional Response Testing), then I don’t get chiropractic. The root of my back pain is a spasm in my gut that is triggering nerves that trick me into thinking I need chiropractic adjustments.

Now, when you break it down, this whole health game is really simple, and I now see how to do it.

It’s simply DOING IT!

The path to healing is a constant process. I still see all those ads for “magic pills.” I still see the one-plan-fits-all exercise program or diet shake. The truth is: There is no magic, quick fix—consistency is key.

It really IS simple: eat the right foods, move your body, and avoid toxins.

Don’t forget these truths for overall health: (1) Dr. Lo showed me that there’s a nutritional component (eating foods my body doesn’t like) or an emotional component (fear, anxiety, anger, guilt…) that’s at the root of pain (in most cases); (2) My sciatic back pain that I’ve been tolerating and seeking chiropractic help for over the past 20 years is GONE (unless I eat the crap and poisons); (3) I’m now at 7 visits through my 12-visit program with Dr. Lo and my ailments like gut discomfort, joint aches, swollen ankles, and more—are gone… unless I eat the foods my body does not like!

Hallelujah! But I’m still working on it…and will continue to each and every day.

Dr. Lo is shown in his office where he meets with clients.

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